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A honey bee colony in the soffit of a peaked roof At the top of Buck Horn Canyon.
Ivan Ankeny~Founder and Director of Extraction Services 970-402-2520 & Michelle Godin~Director of Bee Keeping 970-443-5698
Local non-profit Bee Rescue

Bee Rescue specializes in advanced structural bee removals and extractions in buildings and trees. Our team has combined experience of 7 yrs bee keeping experience and 25 yrs construction experience. The bees we rescue are reintroduced with local bee keepers.

Fort Collins, CO

Retail Honey, Queen Rearing and sales, Swarm and colony removal, Package Bees, mentoring, Honey Extraction Services

Honey Extraction- $1 per frame with $10.00 minimum. Bring your own bucket (or your bottles for a small surcharge). Bottles available for purchase too.

Bee Squared Apiaries
Beth Conrey

Beth Conrey, past president of NCBA, CSBA and the Western Apicultural Society, is the proud owner of Bee Squared Apiaries. She is actively engaged in national and statewide policy issues with respect to honey bees and pollinators. She is co-founder of People and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN) and currently serves as Treasurer of the Pollinator Stewardship Council (PSC).

Bee Squared is a 100 hive chemical-free apiary located in Berthoud, CO. We offer local clover and award-winning alfalfa/wildflower honey as well as orange blossom honey from California. Our “Rose Honey from the Heart” is the only Good Food Award winning honey in Colorado! The Good Food Awards recognize both the exceptionally high quality of the finished product as well as the way in which we manage our bees. We also offer a Whiskey Barrel Aged honey that is a stunning combination of flavors: oak, smoke, whiskey and honey. Looking for honeycomb? We’ve got it!

Bee Squared also provides bulk honey in gallon and 5 gallon sizes for brewers, mead makers, distillers, CBD and other manufacturers.

We make gorgeous hand-rolled beeswax candles and luscious all-natural soaps. We sell beeswax in 1# and 25# blocks.

Our AIA award winning production facility offers extraction services.



Northern Colorado

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