The NCBA Executive Committee – 970-658-4949

NCBA President,  Tim Hardy     ncbapress AT

NCBA Vice President, Josh Vaisman      ncbavp AT

NCBA Secretary, Nancy Jones    ncbasecretary AT

NCBA Treasurer, Deanna Nagel    ncbatreasurer AT

Mitch Cheek
Brian Davies
Bruce Rice     Swarm Hotline – 970-658-4949
Mary Schwartz     programdirector AT
Dave Izzaguire

Other Contact Information:

Swarm and Hive Removal: Hotline number:  970-658-4949 or statewide 844-SPY BEES (844-779-2337) – Statewide hotline is only monitored during swarm season, April through August

To be a swarm catcher, please sign up on the swarm list when it becomes available each year.  Only members in good standing can get swarms.


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