The NCBA Board – 970-658-4949

NCBA President,  Tim Hardy                             ncbapres @

NCBA Vice President,                                            ncbavp @

NCBA Secretary,        Sarah Blackmer              ncbasecretary @

NCBA Treasurer,     Chris Erskine                       ncbatreasurer @

NCBA Program Director,                                        programdirector @

Board Members at Large

Ronda Koski – Scholarships
Ginny Hout-Gibson – Speaker coordinator
Ralph Kettle – Swarm Hotline, Hives for Heroes 
Brittany Anderson – Club Hive manager

Other Contact Information:

Swarm and Hive Removal: Hotline number:  970-658-4949 or statewide 844-SPY BEES (844-779-2337) – Statewide hotline is only monitored during swarm season, April through August

To be a swarm catcher, please sign up on the swarm list when it becomes available each year.  Only members in good standing can get swarms.