1 – Why do should I sign up and create an account on the NCBA website?

When you create an account on the NCBA website, it will open up content that is only available to those who register. Some of this content may be private information on some pages, while it may be the entire page. Creating an account also enables you to post and respond to posts in the forum section and in the groups. You could become a mentor of the forum if you would like.  Another perk is being able to create a business listing on the NCBA website.

2 – How does the calendar work, I see so many different events from all over the state.

The calendar feeds from not only NCBA events, but also from the CSBA calendar. The NCBA website will post the NCBA only events on the right side of the homepage and also on its own calendar from the drop down menu at the top of the page. You can also view the state wide regional event calendar feed from CSBA.

3 – what are some other functions of the calendar.

Some other functions of the calendar is being able to see past as well as future events. Just use the menu on the calendars top left side to move forward and backwards to the month you want to view.  You can also change how the events are listed, our current default is called ‘poster board’. You can change this on the top right corner of the calendar to display like a traditional calendar, agenda format, or events by week or day.

4 – How can I sign up to volunteer for events listed on the NCBA calendar.

Each event should provide a link to signupgenius.com  if volunteers are being requested.  You can also email our program director at programdirector@nocobees.org

5 – PHOTOS – how can I post a photo in the forum?

To post photos in the forum, you will first have to have it uploaded someplace on the web. Since our web space is limited, we won’t have much space to host everyone’s photos. You can upload your photo to such places as facebook, your own website, flikr, google drive ect. Then just past the link in your post by clicking on the IMG button. A window will open where you can paste the link to your image for the post.   You can also share your photos on our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/nocobees

6 – I sell honey and other bee products. How can I let others know?

Visit the page – Beekeeper Products Directory – https://nocobees.org/business-directory/

Click on SUBMIT A LISTING and complete the form. The submission will be reviewed by the webmaster and will appear on the website after approval. Please be sure to have a logo or image for your listing.   The listings are currently FREE. But we may offer paid advertising listings in the future.

7 – How can I submit a photo or video for the website

Please send your photo or video or a link to webmaster@nocobees.org

8 – Can I contact other NCBA members though the website. Yes, if they are signed up/registered on the website, you can message other members on the site. This is a community site, designed to open communication between our online memberships. A great alternative to facebook or other social media sites as we are private.

9 – What are GROUPS?

Groups are a way of creating your own bee group. Right now we have a group made for New beekeepers that have recently graduated from our beekeeper classes.  If you want a custom group, create one or use one of the many forums to share your thoughts and ideas and comments.  Your group can be open or private on the website.

10 – The FORUM, what is it and how can I use it?

The forum is an alternative to the current NCBA listserv. You can post questions and comments on posts as you like. You can even follow the topics or comments you want to follow. To follow a particular post or subject. Just click on the box next to ‘notify me of follow-up replies via email’. You will receive email updates of any additional posts or comments you want to follow.

11 – The forum doesn’t have a category for my question or interest. Can I add it to the forum?

The webmaster or forum mentor can add or delete forums, post and comments. Please send your request to the webmaster@nocobees.org to add your particular topic of interest for the forum.  Also inform us if you would be interested in being the forum moderator for that topic.