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Plan Bee
Kathy Lyons
Bee keeping supplies

Wooden ware , Nucs , Packages, education and more

Plan Bee
To Bee or Not To Bee
David Baker
Beekeeping education and supplies

To Bee or Not To Bee is a family owned and operated business that focuses on providing first-rate beekeeping education and support to beekeepers of all experience levels. We sell beekeeping supplies that we feel provide the best value to our customers, including many locally made products.

To Bee or Not To bee
(303) 728-4422
AA Honey
Daniel Warner
Apiary, honey producer, packer.

Small Apiary in Berthoud, Colorado and local honey packing facility. Offering honey and other hive products as well as 5 frame nuc’s and queens in the spring.

Copoco’s Honey
Jack Gilmore
2020 N. College Ave.,
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Established in 2004.

Copoco’s Honey and Bee Products devotes our time to bees and anything bee related. We carry nearly all products of the hive as well as bee related items such as toys, books and movies. If you are interested in beekeeping, we have everything you need to get going and keep going with beekeeping. Stop in for free honey sampling or to talk bees. We have local raw and unfiltered honey as well as out of state specialty honey.
970 493-2923
Fort Collins

Retail Honey, Queen Rearing and sales, Swarm and colony removal, Package Bees, mentoring, Honey Extraction Services

Honey Extraction- $1 per frame with $10.00 minimum. Bring your own bucket (or your bottles for a small surcharge). Bottles available for purchase too.


Northern Colorado

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