Honeybee Package Sales 2021! 


Look for updates here for status changes.

  NUC PICK UP INSTRUCTIONS:   RECYCLE YOUR PACKAGE BOX – we will be collecting your empty package boxes during the NUC delivery.   

if you have not ordered a package, please do not show up to the delivery.   We will distribute NUCS until 12:00pm on Sunday May 2nd.  NUCS will not be held if you do not make it, we will make every effort to call you before shutting down package pick up.  Please arrange for someone to pick up your bees if you are not able to make it. Otherwise, we reserve the right to sell your NUC.

PLEASE TRY TO SHOW UP DURING YOUR DESIGNATED TIME, if you absolute can not make it during your time, you can still pick up your package between 10:30am and 12:00pm. 

With COVID-19 still among us. we ask that we all take the necessary precautions. Social distancing will be enforced.  Please stay in your vehicle until you are at the point to pick up your package. You will be asked to pull forward to your package and put it in your car yourself.  Please review the photo diagram of how cars should enter the bee package pick up area. you can call my phone number as i will be on site – 970-690-4213

NUC PICK UP will be Sunday May 2nd.. 11:30 am til 12:00pm   Just got word that the truck is running late today Sunday May 2nd..  we expect them to arrive around 11:30 am today.

Mountain avenue.  Berthoud co..