Honeybee Package Sales 2023 are CLOSED! 

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Package Bees

This year, our bee packages will be provided by Koehnen Package Bees – C.F. Koehnen and Sons, Inc and transported to Loveland by Too Bee or Not Bee.   We will offer both Italian and Carnolian bee packages.


We will be offering NUCS this year as well produced by Chris Lenway. The NUCS will have the CHS (Colorado Hygenic Survivor) Queens.  The Colorado Hygienic Survivor queen line started in 2012 and has been a huge success! CHS queens are artificially inseminated for traits to produce queens made specifically for our high desert climate. Each year new traits are introduced to produce a bee better built for Colorado weather. Artificially inseminated queens are used as breeder queens and open mated in a semi-controlled apiary to produce the CHS line. 
CHS Queens are:
• Not aggressive
• Have great wintering capabilities
• Are great honey producers
• Are Hygienic (Clean for Mites)
Please note that CHS queens are only available in Nucs.

 Nuc Delivery will be in May and the location will is yet to be determined.  please check back for details.


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