Honeybee Package Sales 2024 are CLOSED! 


Look for updates here for status changes.

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 Packages will be delivered on Saturday…………………

You must pick up packages at the time, place, and date communicated to you via email. Due to weather or other circumstances, the pickup details may change with little notice. NCBA will not hold or care for your bees beyond the scheduled date and time. Failure to pick up your bees constitutes forfeiture of them. You are responsible for picking up your bees. Please plan accordingly. We will not hold packages, they must be picked up the day of delivery. If you are not able to pick up your packages yourself, it is YOUR responsibility to find someone to pick them up and care for them.

BEFORE March 29th, You may cancel your order for a $15 administrative fee.  AFTER March 29th, all orders are final and non-refundable.

Queens in the packages are guaranteed to be alive at the time of pickup and for 24 hours afterward.  Queens are not marked.  If you have queen issues, call the NCBA package coordinator as soon as possible at 970-690-4213. You must return to the pick up location to retrieve your replacement. Escaped queens during installation due not qualify for queen replacement within the 24 hour window. If we have queens after 48 hours, you may be able to obtain one, there is no guarantee. This also allows you to determine if the queen found itself back to the package colony on her own. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a new queen.

We offer no other guarantee for package bees, and any queen or package replacements outside of the above is at the sole discretion of NCBA.  

We will have someone there handing out marshmallows for your queen cages.   Please be careful with swapping the cork for the marshmallow so that your queen does not escape. Queens that escape will sometimes often return to the cluster. so we ask that you wait at least 1-2 days to locate your queen in your colony if this happens.  Or you can leave the cork in place and manually release your queen 3-5 days after your package install.    We will have very few extra queens in case of a DOA.