Honeybee Package Sales 2022 are CLOSED! 


Look for updates here for status changes.


This year, our bee packages will be provided by _________.   We will not be offering NUCS this year.    When ordering, you will be able to enter the QUANTITY of packages when IN THE CART.. so press the ADD TO CART button, then view cart, then enter the quantity of the packages you would like to order. If you are ordering both Carnolian and Italian, click the CONTINUE SHOPPING link when in the cart to go back and select the other bee type you would like. 

If you are not a member or not logged in as a member, you will only see NON-MEMBER pricing options. If YOU ARE A MEMBER, you will see BOTH NON MEMBER and MEMBER PRICING.. be sure to select the member pricing to get your discount on the packages. ORDERS WILL NOT BE FIXED!  if you check out, the order is completed as is.



Package pickup will be on __________ in LOVELAND.  we will be distributing packages at _________   Please see the map on how to enter the facility. We ask that you line up with your vehicle and remain in your vehicle to keep the line and distribution process quick.   

We will have someone there handing out marshmallows for your queen cages.   Please be careful with swapping the cork for the marshmallow so that your queen does not escape. Queens that escape will sometimes often return to the cluster. so we ask that you wait at least 1 day to locate your queen in your colony if this happens.  Or you can leave the cork in place and manually release your queen 3-5 days after your package install. You can purchase new queens from __________.   We will have very few extra queens in case of a mortality. If your package happens to have a dead queen (which is rare) upon arrival.  Please contact __________ before May 2nd. You will need to bring the dead queen in her cage for the exchange.   

If you are not personally available to pick up your package, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up your package and install them for you.  You must pick up your package on _________ between 10am and 12noon that day only or you may lose your package.  You should install your package that day, weather permitting. If we happen to have bad weather, you should be able to keep your bees in the package for at least 2 days.  We will have further instruction on package install for bad weather if this is the case. 

Please do not show up at distribution site if you have not already purchased a package.