Swarm and Hive Removal Hotline – 970-658-4949

a_IMG_5254Swarm season is here – the photo at the right is an exceptionally large swarm attached to a tree. If you have a swarm that needs to be collected please call the NCBA  Swarm and Hive Removal Hotline – 970-658-4949

If you need to have a colony of honey bees removed from your property, call the hotline and we will send a qualified hive removal person to your area to make an estimate of the cost.

Click here for more information about this year’s Swarm Hotline program.




The image to the left are wasps. There are usually fewer numbers in a wasp nest, although some nests can become very large. Their bodies are not fuzzy and are usually shiny. Wasps are usually more aggressive than bee’s.






The images to the right are Yellow Jackets.  Often misidentified as honeybees, yellow jackets are easily distinguished from honeybees by their sharply-defined yellow and black stripes or markings.  Honeybees are fuzzy and the markings are less uniform and distinct.  (See below)











The Image to the left is aBEE.  They are usually found in larger numbers and are ‘fuzzy’.  Most of the time, bees are more docile than wasps. The lower photo to the left is a swarm that has decided to make this their home. A new swarm would not have any comb at first and they usually will stay around for a few hours until the scout bees return notifying the swarm where their new home is.