Hey There, Nancy!I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your articles and links page! https://nocobees.org/articles At the beginning of the summer when my garden hit full bloom, my neighbor, Lisa and I realized that we had no bees...

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BeeCheck is a voluntary communication tool that enables beekeepers and pesticide applicators to work together to protect apiaries through use of the BeeCheck mapping program. It is not a substitute for any state regulatory requirements. For more...

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Healthy Hives 2020 report

As you may know, Project Apis m and Bayer launched Healthy Hives 2020 a few years ago to fund research investigating tangible ways to improve honey bee health. Bayer is now committing an additional $325,000 to the project, bringing the...

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Bee Informed Partnership

My name is Dan Reynolds, and I’m a research specialist with the Bee Informed Partnership. We are a non-profit organization that researches colony health and provides diagnostics for beekeepers across the US. We are currently seeking...

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Bee Package Sales 2019

Bee package and nuc sales are now available online at nocobees.org/beeorderBees will be provided again this year by Lazy Bee Honey Ranch and Too Bee or Not too Bee. Please check the website for any updates and news regarding package...

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Volunteer Recognition

I would really like to recognize all our hardworking volunteers at our Beginning beekeeper class. They setup and took down all the tables and chairs, brought refreshements and cleaned up the place before we left. When you see them at our next...

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I would really like to recognize Paul Leeper and his wife for their hard work around scheduling, maintaining and meeting with all the members who took part in our extractor loan program. Paul has done lots of work in making sure everything was...

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Mason Bee Opportunity

Hi all, I have available Mason Bee Cocoons for February pick up at Dakotabees.com $50 per 100 cocoons at a 6 to 4 ratio of males and females. Order 1000 cocoons for $450.The producer I am working with harvests up to 300,000 cocoons per...

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