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Beekeeper Listing

Beekeeper Directory

Locate a beekeeper to purchase honey and other products from. 




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Program Outreach

Are you an educator?  Do you have a club or group?  We are here to help with volunteer speakers to come speak about bees.  Fill out our request form and our outreach coordinator will respond to your need.

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We are always looking for helpful volunteers. Any level beekeeper can volunteer. Check out our volunteer opportunities.





NCBA Forums

Visit the NCBA forums for some great beekeeping related topics.  Need advice or have advice?  Do you like to share recipes for cooking or home brewing?  We have a variety of topics where you can discuss and share.                                                        


Bee Class

Bee Class

Do you enjoy local, raw honey?  Wish your garden produced more?  Want to make a positive difference in the environment?  Are you ready to be “stung” by the greatest lifestyle hobby in the world?  You’re ready to become a beekeeper and we want to help you succeed!