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Do you enjoy local, raw honey?  Wish your garden produced more?  Want to make a positive difference in the environment?  Are you ready to be “stung” by the greatest lifestyle hobby in the world?  You’re ready to become a beekeeper and we want to help you succeed!

This years class will be taught by Carolina Nyarady and Greg Bowdish. It will be taught in 3 sections on Saturdays in January and February.  Classes will be held on January 25th, February 1st and February 8th from 8am til 1:30pm at the REA building in Windsor. DIRECTIONS to class

PLEASE PURCHASE – “Beekeeping for Dummies” for the class. This will be your text book.

Their class will cover the following:

Section 1 – ‘THE BEE”

Section 2 – “THE HIVE”

Section 3 – The first year in the bee hive

Section 4 – Bee diseases and pests

Instructor background:

Carolina Nyarady : Third generation Master Beekeeper with over 10 years teaching experience in beekeeping from beginner through advanced level. Organized and developed beginning beekeeping course curriculum for Northern Colorado Beekeeping Association along with mentoring program.
Developed and implemented first Master Beekeeping certification program for the Colorado State Beekeeping Association.
Small Animal Veterinarian with focus on bee diseases, chronic diseases, pain management and movement disorders using multidisciplinary treatment modalities.

Greg Bowdish: has been a beekeeper for over 15 years. Has been
a long time member of CSBA and NCBA , has served in the NCBA EC
committee, participated in teaching and evaluating the NCBA beginning
beekeeping course during my tenure as NCBA beg bee class chair and
participated in the CSBA Master Beekeeping developmental committee

The NCBA beginning beekeeper class is an accredited CSBA class for the Apprentice Level of the CSBA Master Beekeeper course.



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