Do you enjoy local, raw honey?  Wish your garden produced more?  Want to make a positive difference in the environment?  Are you ready to be “stung” by the greatest lifestyle hobby in the world?  You’re ready to become a beekeeper and we want to help you succeed!

The Northern Colorado Beekeeper’s Association is excited to announce the 2019 edition of our Beginning Beekeeping Class.  Your instructors, Beth Conrey, Kris Holthaus, and Josh Vaisman, have almost 70 years’ experience keeping honeybees in Colorado and will provide you with over 15 hours of classroom and hands-on education.

The NCBA beginning beekeeper class is an accredited CSBA class for the Apprentice Level of the CSBA Master Beekeeper course.


*All in-class session on January 5th, February 9th and March 2nd to be held in the Poudre Valley REA building in Windsor
PVREA address: 7649 Rea Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO 80528

*Hands-On Workshop to be held at an instructor bee yard in April, 2019 weather dependant

Day 1 – Saturday, January 5th, 2019:     1-5pm

Topics Covered:

  • Bee Biology
  • Hive Equipment Fundamentals (focus on Langstroth hive with brief overview of Top Bar hive)
  • Introduction to Equipment Ordering
  • Student Q&A

Day 2 – Saturday, February 9th, 2019:     9 am – 1 pm

Topics Covered:

  • Obtaining Bees
  • Disease & Pest Management
  • Student Q&A

Day 3 – Saturday, March 2nd, 2019:    9 am – 1 pm

Topics Covered:

  • Walkthrough a Full Year in the Bee Yard
  • Student Q&A
  • Graduation!

Day 4 HANDS-ON WORKSHOP (Optional) – April 2019:  date & time TBD

You will have the opportunity to attend a demo day with your instructors in which you will view AND participate in:

  • Bee Package/Nuc Installation
  • Basic Hive Inspection Demonstration
  • Student Q&A


In addition to the above curriculum all students who complete this course will receive continued mentorship and support from instructors including:

  • Access to a private Facebook group for students only in which you may share experiences with your fellow class graduates, ask each other questions, and receive ongoing advice from your three instructors.
  • Access to your instructors directly by email for questions/concerns for 12 months post-graduation.
  • Opportunities to attend instructor led hands-on workshops through the 12 months after course completion.


for more information, please contact Josh Vaisman:


  • Beth Conrey
    1. Former NCBA President
    2. Former CSBA President
    3. Owner Bee Squared Apiaries
    4. Treasurer, Pollinator Stewardship Council
    5. Vice-President, BCBA
    6. Co-founder, People and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN)
    7. Beekeeping since 1999
  • Kris Holthaus
    1. Owner Red Dog Expressions & Lavender Farm
    2. Presented at numerous NCBA meetings including the Beginning Beekeeping Class
    3. Recipient WSARE grant for CO Queen Honeybee Testing Project for Increased Sustainability
    4. Presented at both CSBA Summer & Winter meetings
    5. Presented to CSBA Master Beekeeping Class Intermediate level
    6. Beekeeping since 1978
  • Josh Vaisman
    1. Executive Committee Member NCBA
    2. Taught Beginning Beekeeping since 2015
    3. Presented at Western Apicultural Society annual meeting in Boulder, CO 2015
    4. Presented at several NCBA meetings
    5. Beekeeping since 2014


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