Colorado Beekeeping Associations and Clubs

Boulder County Beekeepers Association

Brighton Beekeepers Club

Colorado State Beekeepers Association

Denver Bee

High Land Beekeeping Club

Mountain High Beekeepers

Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association

Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association

Colorado Professional Beekeepers Association


Colorado Apiary Inspector

Colorado State Department of Agriculture,
Division of Plant Industry
Colorado State Apiculturist
Mr. Mitchell Yergert, Chief, Plant and Insect Section
700 Kipling St., Suite 4000, Lakewood, CO 80215 — (303) 239-4142


National and International Beekeeping Organizations

American Beekeeping Federation

American Honey Producers Association

Apimondia Foundation

International Bee Research Association

National Honey Board


Regional Beekeeping Associations

Eastern Apicultural Society

Heartland Apicultural Society

Western Apicultural Society

Mid-Atlantic Region Reseach and Extension Consortium


Beekeeping Publications

American Bee Journal

Bee Culture

Speedy Bee 


Beekeeping Suppliers

B & B Honey Farms

Bee Commerce


Copoco’s Honey and Bee Supplies   – Colorado Local


Dakota Bees  – Colorado  Local

Glory Bee Foods

Mann Lake Ltd.

MegaBee® The Tucson Bee Diet

Plan Bee – Colorado Local

Rocky Mountain Bee Supply – Colorado Local

Shastina Millwork, Inc.

To Bee or Not to Bee  –  Colorado Local

Walter T. Kelley Co.

Western Bee Supplies



Colorado State University  Cooperative Extension

Cornell University Dyce Laboratory for Honey Bee Research

Ohio State University Honey Bee Laboratory

Scientific Beekeeping – Randy Oliver 

Texas A & M Honey Bee Research 

University of California – Davis, Department of Entomology –
Harry Laidlaw Honey Bee Research Facility 

University of Minnesota – Bee Lab 

University of Nebraska – Department of Entomology, Beekeeping and Apiculure 

University of Washington Apiary Program 

Zia Queen Bee Company 


USDA ARS Bee Laboratory Web Sites

Bee Research Laboratory, Beltsville, MD

Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, Tucson, AZ

Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics & Physiology Laboratory, Baton Rouge, LA

Beneficial Insects Research Unit, Weslaco, TX


USDA ARS Bee Disease Diagnostic Service

Beltsville Bee Research Laboratory


USDA Alternative Pollinator Sites

Bee Biology and Systematics Laboratory, Logan, UT



Of Interest

Two New Bee Species

Bees – High Speed Color Vision

Preliminary Winter Loss Survey Data