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THE BEE DOCTORS – Dr. Amy Franklin and Dr Amanda Levesque
Contact Name:: Dr. Amy Franklin
Long Business Description:

Services include:
Hive inspection + VFD (or prescription)
Recheck inspections (following treatment)
Varroa mite checks and treatment recommendations
In addition, I am available to provide the following for commercial and hobby beekeepers:
Apiary biosecurity protocols and husbandry recommendations
Acarapis testing
Nosema testing

Dr. Amy Franklin
Honey Bee Veterinary Medicine
Ph: 970-692-3048
Email: amyfranklindvm@gmail.com
Dr. Amanda Levesque
The Bee Doctor, LLC
website: https://www.thebeedoctor.com
Ph: 401-206-9974
Email: amanda@thebeedoctor.com

Business Website Address: https://www.thebeedoctor.com/
Business Phone Number: 970-692-3048


Northern Colorado

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