Hi all, I have available Mason Bee Cocoons for February pick up at Dakotabees.com $50 per 100 cocoons at a 6 to 4 ratio of males and females. Order 1000 cocoons for $450.The producer I am working with harvests up to 300,000 cocoons per year and sells ½ of the harvest to commercial orchards. They have asked Dakota Bees have them available at our store.  They are such good pollinators or fruit that they are called Orchard bees. The Osmia Lignaria mason bee is prized for its efficiency in pollinating orchards and is one of the few native pollinators that is managed in agriculture. Keep it PositiveThanksGreg Rye720-621-7305dakotabees.comSee us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Dakotabeescom


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