Swarm Hotline

2014 Swarm Hotline

For the public: If you are a member of the public or the pest control industry wishing to report a swarm, call the Swarm Hotline at 970-213-3099.   

We are no longer coordinating the removal of honey bee colonies from structures.  Upon request, we can provide the names of people who have told us they perform this service.  There is a charge for removal of an established colony of bees – bees in a structure or other enclosed location. 

Definition: A swarm of honeybees is group of bees with a queen bee in migration to establish a new colony.  Often seen as a 5-inch diameter (or larger) cluster of honey bees attached to – anything! – they generally move on within a few hours to a day, and seldom pose a hazard to anyone.  Once a swarm has taken up residence, for example in a building wall or soffit, they are much more difficult and costly to remove.  As a public service, please call the swarm hotline immediately when you spot a swarm so the bees can be safely collected by a trained beekeeper and placed in a hive.  There is generally no charge for this service.  

The Swarm Hotline: For many years, the NCBA has sponsored a Swarm Hotline, coordinated by current CSBA president and past NCBA president Beth Conrey.  Members who receive the training offered on March 20, 2014 and meet other requirements can be called to collect swarms reported to the hotline. In order to participate in the NCBA Swarm Collection program – having your name on the list of people who will be called for swarm collection – you MUST be a current NCBA member AND have a current (2014 version), signed Membership Application and Liability waiver on file. Click here to download the application / waiver from the Membership Application page and send it to the address on the form.

If you are an individual or business with liability insurance covering your beekeeping activities, please let Beth know and ask your insurance agent to provide her with a Certificate of Insurance showing coverages for these activities.  If you wish to obtain such insurance, Beth Conrey can help you locate a source for this insurance.

Each year Beth Conrey offers Swarm Hotline Participant Training and a Swarm Season Recap for the prior year.   It is scheduled for the March Meeting – Thursday, March 20th, 2014 6:30-8:30 PM at the Loveland Pulliam Community Building Dining room, 545 North Cleveland.   This meeting is mandatory for those who were not on the Swarm Hotline call list the prior year and wish to participate this year. 

If you are interested in being a swarm catcher this year, AND YOU HAVE BEEN A SWARM CATCHER IN THE PAST, please provide Beth with the following information to update her records for this year:

Primary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Whether you do swarm catching only or hive removals
Also how many swarms you are looking for
What city you live in
How far you will go to get a swarm
Any miscellaneous but important information such as: vacation days during swarm season, work availability, etc.

If you are interested in being a swarm catcher this year, AND YOU WEREN’T ON THE SWARM HOTLINE LIST LAST YEAR, you must attend the “So you want to be a swarm catcher” presentation , scheduled for 2014 at the  NCBA meeting on March 20st.
Thank you!

Beth Conrey
970-213-3099 C