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Educating Our Communities, In Service To Beekeeping

  1. Presidents Message – June

    NCBA Members: I am learning a lot this year as I serve as your president. There are really several clubs within our club.  NCBA is made up of a few key individuals that are involved in the executive committee, the meetings and all our special events; I’ll call this the core.  We are also made up of a few individuals that are very interested in outreach and education; I’ll call this the marketeers. We consist of about 40 or 50 individuals who attend our monthly meetings, mostly the same beekeepers month after month; I’ll call this our audience. Then, there’s the rest of NCBA.  These folks are interested in access to honey bees. It might be packages, nucs or swarms, or it might be any combination of the above, but really that’s the only reason they are a member; I’ll call these the customers. The core, marketeers, audience and customers can be thought of as sets that intersect and overlap. There may be subsets within sets. How it all fits together is not important, but it’s interesting to note all the various levels of engagement. My current thinking is that I want to focus more of the core attention at the audience. Marketeers are largely self motivated and self directed. Customers are getting what they want and they really don’t want anything further. It seems like the focus for the core really should be toward the audience. I welcome your feedback about this thinking. May is much too busy to...
  2. Volunteer Recognition June

    Thank you to: Bob Boggio You guys have no idea how many hours of dedicated service Bob puts into NCBA. As treasurer, he tracks all the payments for everything: membership, packages, nucs, venues, equipment, etc. Plus, he is always there at every key moment, like package delivery and nuc delivery. If there was ever anyone you should personally thank for their many hours of dedicated work, it would certainly be Bob.  NCBA just doesn’t happen without him!!
  3. FYI – Thank you!

    Carl & Danielle Hosler, local manufacturers of bee equipment, have in the past and did again this year make a donation to NCBA, based on their sales, as a thank you for supporting their company.
  4. Presidents Message – May 2016

    NCBA Members: The vote for our constitution and bylaw changes is complete. Thank you for supporting your EC suggested changes. The constitution and bylaw updates will be posted on the website soon. By the time this news is sent, you will have your new honeybee packages and they will have been installed. I’ll be hoping that all went smoothly for you.  Next up, we will be getting our nucs.  Nuc, it’s short for nucleus colony or nucleus hive. We frequently use the terms interchangeably, but the hive is a house and the colony is what lives inside. The nucleus part is just a way of referring to these standard “small” hives and colonies. Generally, three, four or five frames, nucs are fully functioning honeybee colonies. There is no difference from a full sized hive, it just happens to be small. You will find a laying queen, brood, nurse bees, bee bread and honey inside. Our nucs will be traveling in style. We are renting a climate controlled trailer from Zach Owens at Lazy Bee Ranch. Zach is going to help us drive up to Cheyenne, WY to Prairie Wind Bee Supply and get the 30 nucs.  We will be getting the nucs on Friday, 5/20 in the afternoon.  Then we drive them down to Berthoud where we will open and inspect all 30 to ensure the queen is healthy and laying. This will disturb the workers and we want you to get your entire workforce, so we will let them...
  5. Volunteer Recognition May

    Thank you to: Glenn Wollam Glenn has been so great to allow us to use his property and bar for the big package delivery!  We are so grateful and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful space and such a generous member.  Thank you Glenn and your entire family!!!! Thank you to: Bill Harrell Bill, what a great guy! Got us 50 food grade 3.5 gal buckets with lids for free.  I understand there may be more coming.  Bill is so generous to donate his time to fetch these buckets and then make a sign and allow us to grab them at no charge during the package distribution.  If you didn’t get a bucket and have a need, there are plenty of members that should be willing to share. Thank you to: Merry Papa Merry showed up unexpectedly at the package delivery with coffee, brownies and cookies.  After the cold rain and snow, that was so much joy to find!!!  I gave myself permission to eat extra chocolate without feeling guilty.  Thank you, Merry!!!  I wish I would have thought of it!
  6. Links of interest

    Pesticides, Honeybees and Political Influence .Nominations being taken for the National Honey Board National Honey Board announces new online catalog BIP Sentinel Apiary Program—WAS was supposed to be subsidizing some of these. Anyone want to follow up for the money? Honeybee head-butts say more than we thought I have a student looking for an internship position with a Front Range beekeeper. Contact me if you can assist. 970-213-3099 US Government Accountability Office Report on Bee Health Honey Bee Hive Collapse Mystery Rooted in Hive Size
  7. Presidents Message – April

    NCBA Members: Don’t forget to vote about our constitution and bylaw changes:click here. Please consider participating in the Bee Informed Partnership Survey in 2016. The data is important to us all.  Go to: I’m writing this on 3/29 and it’s been another beautiful day for looking at bees on the front range.  I hope you have taken advantage of the warm weather days.  You should be very familiar with how your bees are doing by now.  If you found them light on stores, then you fed them.  If they had dysentery, then you cleaned them up as best you could and perhaps gave them a clean bottom board.  If they have a queen that is fading out, then you are considering a supersede or you may be considering a purchased queen.  Local queens will soon be available and I hope you will support your local vendors when forced to spend. By the time you read this, there are already colonies on the front range preparing to swarm.  Will you be doing swarm prevention activities this year? Are your bees a likely candidate colony to produce a swarm?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could land that swarm in exactly the box you want them to live?  Now is the time to perform these activities or, at a minimum, get your plan together for the near future. You might need new equipment for additional colonies. You might have a colony to sell to another local beekeeper! You might have the best gene pool on the...
  8. Volunteer Recognition – Dave Primer

    Thank you to: Dave Primer Did you know that Dave is one of the founding members of our club?  Dave, along with nearly 40 others founded NCBA back in 1984!  He has been involved from the beginning and, as you all know, he is always a reliable volunteer for whatever needs to be done. I hear he even does bee beards!  After all these years I suspect Dave has performed nearly every job possible for our club. I know he is a past vice president for sure. Dave’s family used honeybees to their advantage back in California and Dave noticed how the bees increased yields when he was quite young. Dave got started in beekeeping with the benefit of a mentor, Cynthia Manuel, and he has happy memories of those early days. He also spent time working at commercial beekeeping here in Colorado. He has been a long standing volunteer in the Wellington area to help with outreach requests, especially the Rehab Program. I can tell you that as a new president, I was counting on Dave immediately and he has been the key contributor securing our packages and nucs in 2016. Please join me in thanking Dave for all his many years of support for our club!

Upcoming NCBA Events

6:30 pm NCBA July Meeting @ Edge Sports Center
NCBA July Meeting @ Edge Sports Center
Jul 21 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker, Topic: Location: Fort Collins, Edge Sports Center 4450 Denrose Ct, Fort Collins, CO 80524
6:30 pm NCBA August Meeting @ Rodarte Community Center
NCBA August Meeting @ Rodarte Community Center
Aug 18 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker, Topic: Location: Greeley, Rodarte Community Center 920 A St, Greeley, CO 80631
6:30 pm NCBA September Meeting @ Windsor Community Recreation Center
NCBA September Meeting @ Windsor Community Recreation Center
Sep 15 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker, TBT Topic: TBT Location: Windsor Recreation/Community Center 250 11th St, Windsor, CO 80550

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About NCBA – Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association

The Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association (NCBA) is an organization of both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers.  We exist to provide a forum for education in beekeeping both to our members and to the general public, and for exchange of ideas and experiences.  We also enjoy some ability to provide savings in equipment and bees by purchasing as a group.  We are affiliated with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association.  We meet once a month with the above objectives in mind.  Each meeting strives to discuss one or two subjects of interest in beekeeping.  Whenever possible we will discuss beekeeping and hive maintenance activities appropriate for the next month.  We also like to provide time for members to discuss beekeeping among themselves.  Once a year, usually around January, we conduct a multi-session beginning beekeeping class.  On completion of the class, we offer you the opportunity to join the association, to order beekeeping equipment and bees, and we offer you a mentor to help you get off to a good start.  If you have any interest in keeping bees, we encourage you to join us. We believe joining a beekeeping association such as ours is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to start beekeeping. By joining now you will receive our news letter as well as notification of upcoming classes and meetings.  Dues are modest and affiliates members with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association. See the pages about future and past meetings for examples of meeting content..


NCBA is a 501c3 organization, and donations are tax deductible.
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