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Educating Our Communities, In Service To Beekeeping

  1. Presidents Message – September

    NCBA Members: It’s harvest season. By now, my guess is that your harvest frames are off the hives. You may not have done the spinning yet, but you are planning for it now.  I was spinning from August 29 through September 2. We did about 700 pounds for two beekeepers sharing our labor. Now the honey is in buckets. The next step is to move it to jars. Meanwhile, you are planning for mite treatment. You took your counts during the summer and you know which hives need to be treated. You have picked your preferred method and are now getting a plan in place. Those choosing Oxalic Acid, like myself, will be planning around the coming reduction of capped brood. I want to hit that sweet spot where the capped brood is less, but the weather is still warm enough that it’s okay to make the bees wet with the acid syrup treatment. Others may be planning around the honey supers coming off because that is the requirement for some mite treatments. Whatever your preferred method, if you are going to treat, then now is time for getting your plan together. The Fall Equinox is very near. This is a likely time for mite treatment. It is my intent to run for president again in the coming elections.  Our current constitution says I must warn you about this significantly in advance.  This is your warning.  If someone else wants to run for this or any other office position, I...
  2. Scholarship Fund established!

    A NCBA member, who wishes to remain anonymous, will contribute $50 each month intended as an educational scholarship fund. This money will be tracked separately and will make our annual Beginning Beekeepers Class available to students who would otherwise be unable to afford the class.
  3. New Single Venue Approach for meetings in 2017

    New Venue Approach for 2017: Beginning in January of 2017, we will have a single location for our NCBA monthly meetings.  This location has significant financial advantages to our club.  The rent will be $50 for each monthly meeting.  Compare this to our current venues which can run as much as $300 for a meeting!  The venue has amenities for the NCBA group: chairs, space, tables, parking, heat, audio visual system capabilities, counters & water for refreshments and restroom. We will use this venue for 2017 and revisit the single location decision at that point. Ultimately, the president decides where each meeting will be.  However, four monthly meetings in a row we queried the audience about the single location vs traveling location and all four votes were hugely lopsided in favor of having a single location. New venue beginning January 2017: Kelvin Kerst residence Large metal building at this address: 17765 Hwy 392 (between CR35 and CR37)Greeley, CO 80631 This is directly east of Windsor about 14 miles from the I25 exit. Look for tan and brown buildings on the north side of the street.
  4. Volunteer Recognition – September

    Thank you to: Leonard Ewy Busy man that Leonard is, he still finds time to help with club business as we have the need.  Leonard volunteers with the fish and wildlife service and has a 32 year background as a fireman. He’s serious about his bees and is even experimenting with making mead.  He travels to California to visit his children, but still fit in helping NCBA with packages and nucs this spring on multiple occasions using extended amounts of his personal time. Thanks, Leonard for your dedication to NCBA!!!!
  5. Presidents Message – August

    NCBA Members: Did you know that your member expiration date is included at the bottom of this news every month?  Now that renewal dates will be spread throughout the year, you will want to keep an eye on this. You may now apply for membership for as many years as you wish. Your liability waiver will apply for the duration of your paid membership, how ever many years that is. Payment can be made using credit card or echeck using the Pay Pal payment button on the website. Payment can also be made via cash or check at the checkin table at any monthly meeting. Payment cannot be made as part of your package / nuc order, if you want to order a package or a nuc, then your membership payment must be completed in advance. Membership is still included in your payment for the beginner beekeepers class and that payment can be made by either of the two methods indicated above. In any case, your membership only becomes active when you have both paid AND signed your waiver. In preparation for harvest season, I went to inventory our extractors. I found that items were missing and one of the bases had been broken. This has resulted in two new actions on the part of your Executive Committee: 1. Two new bases have been made for the extractors. They are numbered and color coded so that you can easily match up the tie down straps to where they should be...
  6. Volunteer Recognition – Ronda Koski

    Thank you to: Ronda Koski Ronda has been a member for many years and has always been active on various committees and on the leadership team. Ronda is the person that does all the paperwork necessary to arrange our meeting venues and to ensure the timely payment of our deposits and our venue fees. Please join me in giving Ronda a big “Thank You” at our August meeting. Thank you to Rice’s Honey for providing socialization snacks for our July NCBA meeting!
  7. Larimer County Fair

    Man the booth at Larimer County Fair- at the Ranch/Budweiser Events Center and the National Bank Exhibition Hall Building August 4th through the 8th 2-3 hour shifts: Friday, August 5th  3:30 to 7:30, Saturday August 6th  9:45 am to 7:30 pm and the same times on Sunday, August 7th. You are welcome to bring family members to help-out and then you can visit the FAIR! Please contact Ronda Koski, Ronda.Koski@ColoState.EDU  and or Merry Popa,  to sign up for “your time slot at the fair”, as well as more details.
  8. Colorado State Fair

    The 2016 Colorado State Fair runs August 26-September 5. You can sell your honey there. Ronda Koski is coordinating the booth set up on August 25 beginning at 9:00 am and the booth take down on September 6. Please contact Ronda Koski at Ronda.Koski@ColoState.EDU.
  9. Meeting venue – have centralized location?

    Informal voting at the last two meetings has revealed a large majority prefer that we centralize our meetings to a single location. This cannot happen before 2017 because all our venues through February are already arranged. This change is not a done deal, but thinking and discussion is happening in that direction among your executive committee.

Upcoming NCBA Events

6:30 pm NCBA October Meeting @ Edge Sports Center
NCBA October Meeting @ Edge Sports Center
Oct 20 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker, Bill Shoup Topic: Peek at commercial beekeeping Location: Fort Collins Edge Sports Center 4450 Denrose Ct, Fort Collins, CO 80524
6:30 pm NCBA November Meeting @ Berthoud Community Center
NCBA November Meeting @ Berthoud Community Center
Nov 17 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker, Topic: Location: Berthoud Community Center 236 Welch Ave, Berthoud, CO 80513

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About NCBA – Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association

The Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association (NCBA) is an organization of both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers.  We exist to provide a forum for education in beekeeping both to our members and to the general public, and for exchange of ideas and experiences.  We also enjoy some ability to provide savings in equipment and bees by purchasing as a group.  We are affiliated with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association.  We meet once a month with the above objectives in mind.  Each meeting strives to discuss one or two subjects of interest in beekeeping.  Whenever possible we will discuss beekeeping and hive maintenance activities appropriate for the next month.  We also like to provide time for members to discuss beekeeping among themselves.  Once a year, usually around January, we conduct a multi-session beginning beekeeping class.  On completion of the class, we offer you the opportunity to join the association, to order beekeeping equipment and bees, and we offer you a mentor to help you get off to a good start.  If you have any interest in keeping bees, we encourage you to join us. We believe joining a beekeeping association such as ours is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to start beekeeping. By joining now you will receive our news letter as well as notification of upcoming classes and meetings.  Dues are modest and affiliates members with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association. See the pages about future and past meetings for examples of meeting content..


NCBA is a 501c3 organization, and donations are tax deductible.
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