March is the month when your bees could die of starvation if you did not leave them with enough honey stores in the fall or feed them well in autumn. The days are growing longer and the queen knows this. She will increase her egg-laying rate. This means they will definitely need food as the colony increases in size. If their honey stores are depleted, now would be a good time to start feeding if they have depleted their own honey stores to get them going for the spring. Drones should also start to appear in the brood.

As the beekeeper, you should not be getting in the hive unless the days are above 45-50 degrees, and there is no wind or breeze. It’s best not to remove frames if you do get into the hive unless you are inspecting on a day much warmer than 50 degrees.
You should only need to peek at the top to see how their honey stores look. If it appears that they have used all their honey stores, you may want to do some emergency feeding of sugar water to get their energy up and to keep feeding until you notice they are bringing in their own food supplies.
Now would also be a good opportunity to do a varroa mite treatment or at least do one soon if this is something you treat for in your hive in your location.  
With the bee population increasing, now would be a good time to remove the entrance reducer and mouse guards so help alleviate traffic jams at the door.
Now would also be a good time to reverse your brood boxes. put the lower empty one above the upper fuller one. This will help reduce the chance of your hive swarming you. Another would be to add an empty honey super to give the hive more room.
If you left a honey super on in the fall, just leave it on for them to get an early start refilling.  Now if you haven’t ordered your hardware, you’re going to be hitting the suppliers at their busiest time. You really need to have ordered in January.