NCBA MEMBERSHIP is REQUIRED to become NCBA swarm catcher

IF you are not a current member and still want to be an NCBA swarm catcher, please download a membership application/waiver form from our website [, click on the ABOUT tab], fill it out, sign the waiver section and send the form along with your membership dues [$25, cash or check] to the address in the upper right corner of the form BEFORE April 15th to get added to the list. Membership payments using PayPal are also available thru NCBA’s website [].

SWARM CATCHER, Rules of Engagement:

 Answer your phone, dispatchers can NOT wait, you must call back ASAP. You will be provided with the phone numbers that the dispatchers use to call you. ADD these numbers as ‘SWARM CALL’, or something else that you recognize as a legitimate call, to your contact lists and caller ID. No answer by you means the dispatcher will call someone else.

 The dispatcher will provide you with the Name, phone number and nearest address of the swarm’s location and a general description of the swarm [size, how long in tree etc.] Immediately CALL the person with the swarm, verify the location & get directions, if necessary. You are committing to leave for the catch opportunity within 15 minutes after hanging up.

 To remain active on the dispatchers list YOU MUST CALL THE DISPATCHER BACK WITH THE RESULTS of EVERY SWARM CALL within 2 hours of returning home, leave a voicemail message if necessary, with the Name of the person that reported the swarm, a description of where the swarm was located [example: “approx. 15 feet up in a pine tree in the backyard”], plus was the swarm caught? Or it left before you got there? The swarm was really yellow jackets not honey bees?

 Some suggested Equipment to have at each swarm capture; Hive tool, full bee suit or jacket with hood and gloves, catch box, NUC box, brood box with migratory cover, bee vacuum, tree branch nippers and saw, duct tape, wire, bungee cords, ratchet straps, ladders, water spray bottle, sugar water spray bottle, bucket on a pole, etc. Bottom line is to be prepared for all situations.

HIVE REMOVAL, Rules of Engagement

 Dispatchers will provide the caller with the phone number of up to three hive removal specialists.

 The dispatcher will tell the caller that he/she is responsible for contacting one or more hive removal specialists and insuring the specialist meets their requirements.

 The hive removal specialist is responsible and accountable for all interactions with the caller that has a removal problem, this includes, but is not limited to: o Visiting the site of the colony needing removal o Estimating and quoting the time and materials for the removal, start and completion dates AND IF the specialist is a licensed contractor with appropriate construction skills, the cost to return the structure to an agreed upon condition. IF not, reconstruction is the owners responsibility. o Liability insurance, if deemed necessary by the specialist and or property owner. NCBA is only providing the initial contact opportunity between the caller and the specialist.

 NCBA is only providing the initial contact opportunity between the caller and the specialist.

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