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    Hello every one,
    I just wanted to share some ideas that I have been using for several years now. I have found that using all medium boxes for brood and for supers works great. The advantages are that they are lighter than deeps and that all of the frames are the same size. Have you ever wanted to trade out a frame from a super to a deep? well with all mediums any frame can go anywhere you want it to.

    I have been also using top entrances. My top entrances are a bit like migratory covers. they have shims stapled to the underside to make an entrance. The top entrances are great because one they are easy to make at home. All of my gear is selected with cost in mind. But they are also great because when you add a super the workers enter straight into the new box. They also benefit from better ventilation. One thing to remember is that if you are using top entrances you either have to provide a Drone escape at the bottom or you can’t use queen excluders. I choose to not use excluders. I like allowing the queen to go where she wills.

    Would love to hear about other ideas and modifications that people use.


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