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    I am redoing my flowerbeds and veggie garden this spring. What could/should I plant to help my bees?


    I have seen them on the roses, alyssum, coreopsis, purple flock, and harebells. Seems they don’t like my tubular flowers like the orange silene. I’ve seen them enmasse on the blue knight spirea, and fern bush, but they bloom in the later summer.
    Also, what genus should I look for? so many types with the same names!
    Do I put in Agastache? or Russian Sage? I have a large area of cone flowers – should I leave that in?
    Do they prefer annuals or perennials?
    What about fertilizing the plants? Some are looking pretty worn out and need replaced… but what about using Miracle Grow?
    What veggies do they particularly prefer? Tomatoes? tomatillos? peppers? potatoes? How about strawberries and flowering trees? they bloom in the spring! Thanks to all for your suggestions!

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    we actually have a whole list of plants on our website under the resources tab.

    One thing to check when purchasing plants is to make sure that they are free of pesticides in their genetics. Hardy Boy plants are a good brand to purchase. just check the labels where ever you purchase.

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    The bees around here really enjoy the catnip we have planted; I’ve also seem them go crazy when I planted Oregano (a flowering variety) and creeping thyme (also flowers). I’ve heard lupine, foxglove, bee balm, among others are good. I know some places (Like The Flower Bin in Longmont) will sell a Bee or Butterfly seed mix. Their flowers are also marked as to whether or not they attract bees, butterflies, and/or hummingbirds. Tomato plants are also good as this plant has a very close relationship with the bee.

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