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    I hope somebody reads this. I am not a bee keeper. I’m just someone who is very concerned about something I saw at a supermarket. I’m afraid to say which one. I was in the baking aisle where the sugar is. A woman was looking at the sugar. I was buying cain sugar and she commented that the sugar that was labeled simply “Pure Sugar,” was cheaper. I told her that it used to be labeled Pure Beet Sugar but that since beets are now genetically modified, that the word “beet” was removed from the label so people wouldn’t know. She said, “Well, I’m just buying it for my husband’s bees, so it doesn’t matter. That upset me very much and I tried to convince her that it did matter, but she filled her buggy up with the sugar and ignored me.
    That happened over a year ago and it still torments me. I still wonder what happened to that man’s bees. I know that GMO foods kill mice in short order….that is, when they can force the mice to eat them. Animals seem to know instinctively when there is something wrong with their food. Please forgive me if I have overstepped. This was a store in Loveland, CO.


    There really is nothing wrong with feeding beet sugar to bees. GMO is neither a good nor a bad thing in and of itself. The biggest issues with GMO is that they are often grown with more pesticide or herbicides. Most often with glyphosate(roundup) as in the case of roundup ready crops. To be sure this is not good in the field when these chemicals are overused. But this is not always the case and it is not always the purpose of the GMO.

    Environmentally Sugar Cane is also known to have a high impact. So it is not entirely hazard free. As to the chemical make up of cane vs beet sugars, they are almost entirely identical. Both being primarily sucrose (98%) regardless of the source.

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    Not sure I can agree with the idea that there is no difference between beet and cane sugars. Perhaps chemically they are both the same, but I prefer to use cane sugar since I believe it has not been GMO’d or subjected to pesticides as beets have been. This area used to be steeped in sugar beets, there was a processing plant in Loveland, and the Brush football team was known as the ‘Beet Diggers’! so, its very ingrained in Colorado. But so much in agriculture has changed. I agree with Leona, cane sugar is better for the bees.


    ” Perhaps chemically they are both the same”

    So…. you know that if two things are “chemically the same” then they are the same…. Right?? Meaning that there is nothing different about them…..Sooo that would mean that they are…. the same….

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    Yeah rightly said. I agree.

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