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    Don Taylor
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    I would think this forum would get lots of action, assuming there are other complete beginners like me. Maybe there are no experts keeping an eye on a beginners forum. 🙂   I’m in Louisville, with one hive situated next to open space.  I installed a nuc in mid-May.  The bees have filled out the first deep super mostly with brood and some honey.  The second deep box I added was later full of nectar/capped honey, so heavy I could barely lift it, a couple inspections ago.  I have since added a queen excluder and 2 shallow honey supers.  The second honey super went on a week ago after I saw that the first was getting about 50% built out and filling with nectar.  I’ve done 2 mite checks (alcohol), and didn’t find mites either time.   But, I collected the sacrifice bees from a nectar frame, not a brood frame, for fear of accidentally grabbing the unmarked queen.  Is grabbing sample bees from a nectar frame considered a good sample?  And once I do find mites, how likely is it that an oxalic acid vaporizer can catch the hive on fire?  My hive is under a pine tree in the back yard and a fire would be a huge disaster.

    Any/all comments are welcome.

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