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    I have been keeping bees for two years. Everything was going well until this past December. I checked the hive and there were no bees. No dead ones around the hive either. It looked like some were just emerging from the cell and died while trying. I have read I need to start over with the frames. Is this true? Is it ok to harvest the rest of the honey in the hive? Thanks for any help!



    The honey should be fine as long as you didn’t use treatments or feed sugar.

    As to reusing the comb for new bees…. THat would depend on what killed the old colony. Personally I have reused comb from failed colonies many time with no problem.



    Have you wisely checked over the place around for any traces of the bees? There is no problem with harvesting the rest of the honey in the hive. I agree with all what AlfredW said. what if the bees would be found dead again or nowhere because you do not know what has happened to the last old colony of bees. You can take help of some professional like Pest Control Milford CT to know what had happened to the last colony of bees and if started the new colony;won’t this situation repeat.


    I have a follow up question to this old post.  I had bees for the first time last spring that flourished until August when they disappeared or possibly had mites and died.  Can I reuse the frames if I have frozen them and how do I clean them if that is needed?

    John Street

    How can you tell the difference between collapse from mites, or pesticides?

    I lost my first hive last fall and trying again.  I can prevent mites but prob not pesticides.

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