NCBA is starting a Saturday program to be more “local” to your needs.   These events will be on Saturdays and your area will have a team leader that will conduct the hands on training.   You can also visit the forums section setup for this event at ROAD SHOW  

Todays event will focus on the following:

Making sure the queen is laying from both packages, nucs and overwintered colonies.  Feeders are in place if food stores are non-existant or low.  With overwintered colonies, we may look at doing a split.  If weather is cooperative, doing a mite check and treatment. 

Here’s what I have for leaders and areas:

Bryan – Windsor/Severance
David- Greeley
Josh- Frederick/Firestone
Krystal- Johnstown/Milliken
Kris-North Ft. Collins
Terry- South Ft. Collins
Nancy-South Ft. Collins/N. Loveland
Merry- Loveland


Northern Colorado

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