2021-06-21 – 2021-06-27 all-day

In addition, as a member, the NCBA offers you our own quick tools if want to offer a small group session to your neighbors, a group, or HOA. We have our Bee a Good Neighbor Program.

 Northern Colorado beekeepers are the gateway to community education. You have the opportunity to share your knowledge, inform the public, and partner with your neighbors to keep the conversation going about the importance of bees.

 What Can You Do?

Host a Bee a Good Neighbor Program this season!

 What is it?

A “packaged” easy to learn 30-minute program to share your knowledge

 How do I start?

1.       Read the How to Give a 30 Minute Talk on Beekeeping material.

2.       Study the outline to start creating your own bee story.

3.       Combine your story with the Bee FAQs document to decide what else you want to include.

4.       Pick a date and time. Decide on your location – bee yard, patio, front yard, etc.

5.       Use the flyer to invite your neighbors to your event.

6.       On the day of the event, set up your materials and attendee area. Be sure and have some take pictures and help you – even if it is for only 30 minutes.

7.       Give your talk, show your neighbors your bee yard (if you decide to do that and weather permits) and pass out the materials.

8.       Contact the NCBA program coordinator and share your results. How many attended, some anecdotal comments about how the event went, and any pictures you may have taken.

 Remember, as a beekeeper, you are also an Ambassador of the Bees and Pollinators. Whatever you share, your audience will love you and your content!