by Lisa Boesen

Amy started beekeeping in April 2018 after her husband surprised her with the gift of a Langstroth hive and beginning beekeeping set-up from Costco. Amy has always been interested in bees and their specialized pollination abilities. She loves watching the bees do their different jobs and the endless amount to learn in the world of honey bees.
During the first two years of beekeeping, Amy had one hive, but her present goal is to get to three hives in this season. She currently has one hive of Carniolans (which is bursting & will be split in short order!), and she has ordered another package of Carniolans through NCBA. As with many beekeepers, there have been learning challenges. In her first year, she lost her hive in the Spring. She struggled to find out what went wrong.  She was thankful she kept pretty detailed notes (a great tip for new beekeepers!) and had a wonderful NCBA mentor (Bryan Davis), to collaborate with. She knew her  queen likely died and the hive was unable to produce a new queen, which led to new questions as to how and why this happened.
Amy is located halfway between Eaton and Greeley. Her bees enjoy foraging on crab apple, dandelion, honey locust, raspberries, cone-flower, sage, strawberries, sumac, viburnum, and alfalfa. What a bounty!
Although it may appear there were beekeeping hiccups, Amy was able to harvest honey and give the honey to friends and family as gifts. She also saved and melted her wax cappings to turn into candles and beeswax wrap. This year, she has a small customer base to sell her local honey and plans to sell whatever she does not gift.
Amy’s quick tip for new beekeepers is using thick blue rubber coated gloves from Mann Lake! Honey and propolis would not easily come off of her leather gloves, now she just has a small bucket of water nearby to clean her rubber gloves when they get sticky! And her best tip?
“Get a good mentor! I do not know what I would have done without Bryan Davis coming over 2-4 times per season to help me understand what I am seeing in my hive(s)!!”


Northern Colorado

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