As of last contact with David B.  He has informed me that package delivery is still on track.  We should be able to pick up our bees on Sunday morning,  April 27th at this given time. A location for pick up has not yet been determined. 
I have included a video of David doing a package install..  here are the step by step instructions. 
1 – prepare your deep by removing several frames 1-5, leaving 6-10 
2 – remove the can of feed from the package and cover hole with cardboard temporarily.
3 – remove queen box with metal tab and inspect the queen to make sure she’s alive
4 – bend the metal tab in a way that you can tape it to the frame to hang so that the screen is not blocked by the foundation on either side. screen should face the same direction of your frames. 
5- OPTIONAL – replace cork with marshmellow for automatic release all while trying to not let the queen escape the cage., OR leave cork for manual removal 3-5 days after install.
6 – place Queen cage off center from the middle. so if you top feed, the syrup won’t drip down on to queen cage. making sure the candy plug and screen are not blocked by any frames. 
7 – shake bees from package into deep. not all bees will enter box, shake out as many as you can and then place package in front of hive entrance.
8 – slowly replace frames 1-5 into deep. and place inner cover and lid on deep. 
9 – you’re done!!



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