Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone has settled in for the winter. While we are not meeting as a club for November and December. Your executive committee is still hard at work to plan our 2020 year.   We hope to bring your a well attended beginning beekeeper class, being taught by two very knowledgeable beekeepers in our group. Carolina Nyarady and Greg Bowdish. I would also like to welcome a returning member and a new member to the executive committee,   Dave Primer will return to his role as adviser on the EC and Lisa Boesen will take on the roll of secretary for outgoing Nancy Jones.  I want to thank Nancy for her time on the EC over the years, it has been greatly appreciated. 
We also are looking at finding some very interesting and informative speakers for 2020 along with a calendar of ‘hands on’ Saturday meetings for education and training. We are now members of the American Beekeeping Federation and are looking forward to utilizing their membership benefits with our club. 
I attended the winter CSBA meeting on November 2nd in Castle Rock.  CSBA had 3 speakers that all had great presentations.  Our own member, Dr Amy Franklin DVM spoke on American Foulbrood and phage treatments. Using the proper treatment for a healthier hive vs not treating at or treating incorrectly.  We hope to have her speak at one of our own club meetings.
We also had Mario Padilla from the Butterfly Paviliion speak about how they use bees to keep elephants out of farmers crops. If you haven’t heard about this, it is pretty interesting.  https://butterflies.org/the-best-defense-is-a-good-bee-fence/
The Keynote speaker for the day was Elizabeth Walsh from Texas A&M. She presented on Integrated Pest managment and also the effects chemical treatment for Varroa has on the queens viability.  These are all great topics that NCBA hope to bring to you at our club meetings in 2020. 

See you  at the next meeting. if you have any questions or comments, please email me at ncbapres@ncoobees.org

Thank You
Tim Hardy

Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month in the 4-H building at The Ranch – 6:30 – 8:30pm
Hope to see you all there.


Northern Colorado

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