On a recent trip to the southern countries of Africa, NCBA member Nancy Jones had the privilege to visit Molly Mooketsi, a beekeeper in Kasane, a city in Botswana.  Molly showed Nancy her hives of the “real” African Bees. It was the end of summer in South Africa, so the honey was getting ready to harvest.  Molly, a grandmother, has just retired from her full – time job and hopes to spend more time with her bees and harvesting honey to sell.  Nancy presented Molly with an NCBA Certificate of Membership, during her visit.  Nancy sent a package of recent American Bee Journals and Bee Culture magazines to Molly.  She contacted Nancy when the publications arrived, and is excited to have the time (winter there now) to begin reading and learning about beekeeping the US.  Nancy recommends to search out beekeepers no matter where you travel.  It is such a wonderful experience to share methods and ideas, even if you don’t know the language very well, there is understanding of our common bond.


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