Hello Everyone
as we are winding down our summer and heading into fall. I hope that you are all getting something to harvest from your hives this year. If not, well I hope then that you have done your best to provide your bees a home that they are happy and healthy and will go into winter with good numbers to survive until spring. Our club has recently purchased 3 new oxalic vaporizers for the club members to treat their hives for mites. If you are interested, please contact one of the NCBA officers for more information. We also have just purchased two new honey extractors. They should be arriving soon and be ready for use shortly. They will be added to our current inventory of extractors. Visit the extractor loan page on our website to reserve your day.
As we head into fall, we also look towards how our club will operate in 2019. Elections will be in October and you, the members, get to decide who your leadership will be. If you are interested in running for office. please email ncbavp@nocobees.org to place your name on the ballot. Positions that we will be electing are President, Vice-President, Treasure, Secretary. These are all one year terms with a two year term limit. None of our current officers are currently term limited. Please keep an eye out for future messages regarding your election of leadership in the coming months. Ballots will be sent out in October.
This months meeting will be a pot luck. A great time to catch up with your fellow beekeepers and share some great honey recipes and food. We ask that you bring a dish to share along with a side or dessert. Tradition has been that one of the dishes you bring features your honey and a recipe. NCBA will provide plates, cups and utensils along with water and lemonade. We will also be displaying images submitted by our members for our photo contest. We will use these images on our website and newsletter potentially. You can send your images to ncbavp@nocobees.org. please limit 2 images.

Thank You
Tim Hardy


Northern Colorado

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