Meeting held at Embassy Suites Hotel-Loveland    June7th , 2018  7:00pm



Terry Jones

Kris Holthaus        

Dave Izaguirre     

Tim Hardy         

Kelvin Kerst    Non Attending       

Merry Popa          Mitch Cheek      

Nancy Jones         Zach Owens

Sherri Kerst           Greg Krush

Josh Vaisman       George Ottenhoff

Bryan Davis         Don Studinski        

                             Bruce Rice          


1) Approval of minutes from April minutes 2018 meeting. (Tim moved/Kelvin second)


2) Financials: . (Tim moved/Dave second)  EC had some questions on what program Greg is using for the financial reporting.  Most though Greg was using Quicken, but report to EC does notes resemble this program.  Tim will ask Greg on his process. Committee would like to see dates and NCBA shown on the report to identify the monthly financial report.


* 3)  On Site Mentor program/Road Show.  Kris has been trying to line up site, but do to low number of members/and/or newbeeks, there will be fewer sites and dates.  Starting Saturday,  June 23rd.  Josh will work with Tim and Kris and Face book etc. to advertise locations, dates and times.

          Comment came up about asking Carolina if her hives on 402 could be used for           Demo Hives for Mentors.  Queen Evaluations/ brood patterns/ etc.  Tim will ask           Carolina.


4.) Swarm Update: Terry Jones reported that the Swarm activity was “flat”.  Seems there is independent BKs that are competing for the swarms; advertising swarm catching services on Craig’s

List and other on-line venues.



5)  Up-coming Programs:

June: Tech specs:  Gloria Degrandi-Hoffman will be presenting through a webinar.  Tim will work on getting the audio-visual tech system in line for this presentation.  Topic will be varroa mite dispersion and bee nutrition.



July: Lyle Jonson on commercial pollination services;

* August: NCBA Pot Luck/Picnic  – at the regular meeting Ranch meeting place.  Outside the back doors.  Photo contest- we can view photos indoors and award “prizes”. 

      September:  Carolina and diseases.


*6.) BBK class for 2019:  the RFP for this class and Instructor/s was book the Ranch facility for Tim and/or Bruce will contact Ranch facility personal to book NCBA for January date/s for these classes as insurance for a venue.  Instructor has options.  Don distributed to all CSBA clubs.  There have been inquiries by members i.e. Beth, Carolina, Lew May Bees, Kris.  Proposals due July 1st.


7.) NCBA equipment to loan:  As we went into the continuing discussion re NCBA purchase equipment needed for OA treatments, question came up re our current extractor exquipment.  Dave will go to the Storage to check out the extractors we loan and determine their value and usability.  ( Do we need a new one, or do members need more instructions for use?  Suggest came up regarding talking to our new members & give a demo; about Crush & strain as an alternative to extracting.


          OA treatment equipment:  Dave will purchase 2 units (Pan, battery, chemical,              masks) loaning to members at their own risk.


* 8). Bee package/nuc report: Discussion continued regarding advertising on NCBA Web-page for Package/nuc suppliers in the future, sales to our members.  Using Zack was easy for us, he did the work.  Most agreed that we should commit a # to Zack to supply in 2019, but solicit other vendors to advertise, at a price , on our web-site and let the members know about this other suppliers and make their choice. Should we set standards for advertisers/Vendors?? Vendors would need to use Pay Pal.  Still questions on future of Zack’s ability to meet our needs.  Dave said he would speak with Zack, Jack/COPOCO & Tim Brood, re their ability to supply our members with orders. This issue needs more discussion. 


* 9)  Additional input:  To encourage more sustainability and alternative to members buying new packages each year:  List serve/ face book/ web page;  members who are doing spring Splits and would sell or trade?


Meeting adjourned:  8:30 pm- Tim moved/Kelvin 2nd.


Respectfully submitted: Nancy Jones, Secretary 6/18 /18

Next meeting: Thursday, July 5th, 2018 – Embassy Suites hotel.


Northern Colorado

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