Meeting held at Embassy Suites Hotel-Loveland    May 3rd, 2018  7:00pm



Terry Jones
Kris Holthaus
Dave Izaguirre
Tim Hardy
Kelvin Kerst
Merry Popa
Mitch Cheek
Sherri Kerst
Greg Krush
Josh Vaisman
Bryan Davis
George Ottenhoff
Nancy Jones
Don Studinski
Bruce Rice

Non Attending:
Zach Owens
Greg Krush


  PLEASE SEE ** FOR ACTION NEEDED ITEMS: #2; #3; more discussion  #5 Don ; #6 Kelvin;                           # 7 David;  # 9 Tim & Kris  


1) Approval of minutes from April minutes 2018 meeting. (George moved/Tim second)


2)* Financials: Greg was unable to attend the meeting but e-mailed members the financial report.  Budget: Still in draft stage. Per Greg; only Merry has sent details for budget input.  Kelvin:  Has concerns that we should have a draft budget to review. Kelvin will contact Greg to discuss.  Issue of NCBA checks still being used with Bob’s signature. 


3). * Bee package/nuc report: Products from Zach were good quality again.  Distribution went well.  Discussion:  David suggests that we consider opening our member bee package/nuc sales and/or advertising additional vendors. This item needs further discussion.  A “proposal” re this issue was tabled for more definition. (Bruce motioned/Kelvin second)


4.) Swarm Update: Bruce has NCBA coordinators up and also with CSBA Hotline.  Some clubs have pulled out of CSBA and are not part of the HotlineNCBA Swarm press release sent again to newspapers.


5.) * BBK class for 2019:  the draft RFP for this class and Instructor/s was supplied by Don.

EC members made some suggestions to details, which Don will incorporate and finalize. 

Don will distribute to other CSBA and CO clubs for July proposal deadline.  EC suggest that we book the Ranch facility for January date/s to hold this class.  Tim and/or Bruce will contact Ranch facility personal to book NCBA for this class.  Motion to approve: (Josh moved/George second)


6.)* List Serv:  EC agreed to pay for List Serv to come back to NCBA site.  Not limited to only member use. Kelvin offered to pay this fee.


7.) *Mite treatment program/team:  Discussion re NCBA purchase equipment needed for OA treatments.  Volunteer/mentors could use for members who need help; we could loan to members; more details of who and how to offer this service/equipment to members will follow.  Dave offered to check into purchases.  Check out Dakota Bees for the vaporizing units.  In addition, need batteries, masks, chemical.  Start with 6 sets; projected cost- $1800.00



  • May meeting update: Meeting will be on the 24th at the Ranch- Kris, Don, and Josh will give program.  Press releases out next week.
  • *June meeting update, Tech specs: Gloria Degrandi-Hoffman will be presenting through a webinar.  Tim will work on getting the audio-visual tech system in line for this presentation.  Topic will be varroa mite dispersion and bee nutrition.
  • * Upcoming meeting speakers update: Kris is working on programs for rest of summer. Some updates on traveling mentor program/hands on; swarm team work; Lyle Jonson on pollination services;


September:  Suggestion to have a Harvest Picnic with a Photo contest.  Tim will look into reserving park/parvillon areas in Loveland and/or Berthoud for this event.


Meeting adjourned:  8:30 pm- Tim moved/Kelvin 2nd.


Respectfully submitted: Nancy Jones, Secretary 5/11/18

Next meeting: Thursday, June 7, 2018 – Embassy Suites hotel.


Northern Colorado

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