May meeting is Thursday the 24th at the 4-H building. 6:30- 8:30

We have Kris Holthaus talking about splitting hives. As you may know there are many ways to do things and still have a good outcome. So she will be teaching another method. Then what I talked about last month.

We have Josh Vaisman talking about about Mite treatment and the importance of treating your hive. To be a successful beekeeper now of days it is so important to treat to keep your bees healthy and productive. Without treatment you will have about a 90% chance your hive will die.

Don Studinski will be talking about what he learned at the Bee College he attended So if you did not attend it will be very interesting to know what he learned.

I hope all of you are very successful this year. This is a wonderful time of year the bees are being very productive right now my bees are exploding in population I hope yours are as well. Hope to see you all there.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or text.
Your president David Izaguirre.


Northern Colorado

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