March meeting is coming up quickly we have so much to cover. The bees are building up fast. If your watching your bees there bringing in pollen from maple trees and I seen crocuses blooming already! Check your hives and make sure they are heavy if not you need to start feeding them 1 part sugar to 1 part water. This is a  crucial time to keep your bees alive because now they will be consuming a lot of food.  They’re raising a lot of brood. Don’t over feed or the queen won’t have room to lay. We will go over a little bit in this area in this March meeting. 

 Josh Vaisman is giving a power point presentation that covers basic biology and life cycle of mites, current treatment options and the treatment regiment. This is a must for successful beekeeping. So please join us and give your support to all this club has to offer. 

We will have a registration forms for swarm catchers. You have to be a member to be on the swarm list! If we have time we will also go over what is needed for people who are going to do hive removals. Don’t miss out on swarm catcher registration!! Also for thoes who are interested in doing hive inspections with a group of people I will have a sign up sheet for this.


Northern Colorado

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