We have a speaker Franz-Josef Winterhalter. To share his experience beekeeping in Germany. This will be an exciting opportunity for us to learn the differences and hardship in Germany for beekeepers.

We will also be talking about woodenware and the options for different sizes of boxes and frames. I’m trying to ease the confusion for all you new beekeeper. I also will be bringing a frame jig and another jig that I made to put boxes together. I’m sure hobbyist and Commercial beekeepers will  love this box jig I made. 

Time is running out. time to order your Bees and wooden Ware and get those things assembled and painted. Before you know it spring will be here and the bees will buzzing. I know I’m getting very excited about this years beekeeping. I have so much to do and very little time to do it. Being a commercial beekeeper it is very important to have everything ready before spring. I will have no time to be assembling boxes or painting hives when the bees come back from California. I will be making splits making up dead hives to get my numbers back up to where I would like them. So far I had an amazing winter and so excited about spring. I just love to see frames full of eggs, larva and caped brood. 

See you at the meetings.
David Izaguirre
your president. 


Northern Colorado

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