NCBA Exec. Com. meeting: 1/4/2018
Meeting held at Embassy Suites Hotel-Loveland 7:00pm
Mitch Cheek Non Attending:
Kelvin Kerst Dave Izaguirre
Merry Popa Kris Holthaus
Terry Jones Zach Owens
Sherri Kerst
Bruce Rice
Josh Vaisman
Bryan Davis
George Ottenhoff
Tim Hardy
Nancy Jones
Don Studinski
Greg Krush
1) Approval of minutes from October and December meeting. (No EC meeting in November-
moved to first week in December.
2) Financial report: Greg requested approval from EC to acquire signature authorization for NCBA
accounts: George made motion/ Don 2 nd this motion. Passed. Greg and Bob met for transfer of
treasury account/s information and data. Greg suggested that all EC members have “view only”
access to NCBA membership list; Nancy and Greg will have change abilities.
* Budget: EC requested that a budget for 2018 be created: Greg requested that EC members
send budget needs to him ASAP.
Scholarship Fund: Subject of continuing income for the NCBA Scholarship was discussed: original
“endowment” for the fund was through Kelvin’s turn-around of NCBA venue payment. To date no
plans to replace this income have surfaced, except the possible donation to NCBA from Lazy Ranch
* EC suggests that a “Scholarship Donation Button” be posted somewhere on the Web-site.
2A) NCBA Newsletter mailing issue discussion: Should the January newsletter be sent to list of
recently expired members as well as current. Don; newsletter is a membership benefit and EC
decided to cull list last year. As list has been culled, but some members have expired more recently,
EC recommended that to continue interest and possible renewal (as bee sales are coming up) Tim
should e-mail January and next several months newsletters to expired and current members.
Kelvin: recipients could “unsubscribe” if they do not want to receive further mailings.
Greg made motion for all list to receive mailing/Terry 2 nd . Passed. Tim has been waiting for
President message from David for January Newsletter mailing.
3) EC was approving of Kris’s outline of up-coming monthly membership meeting topics and
January: Merry will speak on Outreach Opportunities for the yearly calendar. Encouraging anyone
who is interested in Education and Outreach to join a forming committee to discuss ideas for
promotion and programs. Nancy will present program : “Purpose of a Garden”
February; Speaker- Franz Josef Winterhalter visiting beekeeper from Germany- Focus Woodenware
Builds/jigs: Hive/Frame. Invite local vendors to take orders.

NCBA Exec. Com. meeting: 1/4/2018

March: Swarm Preparations: Invite Beth to be key speaker. Have Bruce and dispatchers available
at the meeting. Paperwork to sign for swarm catchers?? Swarm equipment needs/Hotline #s/ Varroa
Treatment. Touch on splits for sustainability. * Some discussion on insurance issues followed for
Removal Services. A disclaimer was added to NCBA web-site regarding advertisers on site,
includes removal services.
April Layout regions for Hands on Road Show/ Splits/Queen Evaluation/Yard sheets
3) Bee Package Sales: Order link is now open on web-site. Packages $127.00 – with NCBA code.
Notices in Newsletter and also on Beginner’s bk class registration page.
4) Beginning Beekeeper’s Class: Registration is now open on web-site: Tina has provided more
details on time/content. Press releases will go out now and end of Jan, and 2 times in Feb. or until
capacity is reached. (120 or more if necessary room can be theater style) Scholarships available.
Respectfully submitted: Nancy Jones, Secretary, 1/8/18
Next meeting: Thursday, February 1 st , 2018 – Embassy Suites hotel.


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