Vice Presidents Message

Happy New year!

Hope everyone is getting a great start to their new year. 
Dave is currently out of the state tending to over 2000 hives somewhere in California. We hope he is doing well with all his bees.  
Kris and Dave are both working on a speakers list for 2018. We will keep you informed through the website and the newsletter as to who we can bring to you this year. 
We are also happy with the new venue for our meetings at The Ranch in Loveland for providing us a more central location for our club meetings.
We are also looking at doing more hands on or in the hive training this summer for education and training programs this year.  We are planning on these programs to take place at various member bee yards across Northern Colorado.
Our bee class registration is now open and bee packages are also on sale. I would also like to remind you that NCBA has a scholarship program in place for those of us that would like to further your education in beekeeping. We are also accepting donations for this scholorship fund to sustain its future. For more information or to make a donation, contact George Ottenhnoff

Thank You for your support of the NCBA. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and events.

Tim Hardy


Northern Colorado

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