NCBA Exec. Com. meeting: 12/7/17


Mitch Cheek       Non Attending:

Kelvin Kerst        George Ottenhoff

Tim Hardy           Nancy Jones

Dave Izaguirre      Don Studinski

Kris Holthaus         Merry Popa

Terry Jones

Sheri Kerst

Zach Owens

Bruce Rice

Josh Vaisman

Brian Davies



1) Approval of minutes from November meeting: no minutes were approved/presented from November   No EC meeting in November-  moved to first week in December.  Last meeting was in October. 


2) Financial report: No financial report was submitted for review/approval.


3) Bee Package Sales: Zach stated that he plans on having NCBA bees delivered the last weekend in April. Delivery will take place at Delivery location (Thank you, Kevin Kerst): Fresno Valves & Casting, Inc 4245 Industrial Parkway Evans, CO 80620. Zach has asked for volunteers to help distribute. Zach will provide NCBA a link to a page to purchase bees. Will also provide discounted price on the bees for members and a donation to the club.


4) Telephone number / aks swarm hotline: new prompts will be in place for our number – will include regional swarm reporting, along with number for structural bee removal, bee class info and education/outreach contact info. Bruce requested that we either remove or contact those on our directory listing for structural removal to be licensed or somehow remove the liability of NCBA from this activity if listing. Bruce manages the phone line for 877=SPY BEES for CSBA. But CSBA had the wrong phone number on their website. Which caused reduced number of calls in Northern Colorado. Phone number should be correct now. Is in search for new swarm dispatch person in the Greeley area.


5) January Meeting agenda: January meeting agenda topics and speakers will be:

Zach Owens to speak about bees and upcoming/current bee package sales. Will provide information about the types of bees available.

Nancy’s talk from December was requested to be done in January. Plants for pollinators.

Merry has been requested to provide a talk encouraging volunteers to step up. Talk about the variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year.


6) Outreach and Education needs and supplies: Tim will reach out to Merry and Nancy the needs for this. Fliers, posters, cards ect.. what have we ran out of and need to replace. What is needed that we haven’t had before?


7) Press releases and promotion: Tim said he would reach out to Nancy regarding press releases and determining who would be available for news agencies to contact for interviews and articles. Dave would like to see more stories in the paper about beekeeping and our efforts. Was stating how in the Greeley paper there was an article on the front page he participated in last year. Would like to see this in other papers. Get in contact with the fencepost for posting press releases and information about the club.

8) Website and Listserv status: Tim reported that the website has been successfully moved from hosting services to along with the clubs emails. Website has new look and is still in progress of finishing touches to accommodate the new graphics/skin of the website. When contacting hosting service to fix an issue with not being able to view the archive of the listserv. Brian Carpenter, the owner and only employee of became upset when he found that the website hosting had been moved from his service to . He refused to credit back any unused hosting months and apply it to the mailman listserv service and fix the issue with the reading of the archives. I was able to download the mailman archives before he blocked my IP address from accessing the hosting account and cancelled our service and refused to refund any of our money paid through September of 2018. Tim is currently reviewing other mailman options. Including installing mailman on servers or finding a host that specializes in mailman hosting along with also installing compatible programs that use the listserv methods on our account. If you google Brian Carpenter, or Emerging Markets Web Design and Hosting. You will find many complaints about this company and how they were also treated poorly and locked out of their websites and had to hire attorneys to regain their property. This is a large part of the reason I wanted to move our hosting service and consolidate onto

Respectfully submitted: Tim Hardy, NCBA Vice-President, 12/9/17

Next meeting: Thursday, January 4th, 2017 – Embassy Suites hotel.


Northern Colorado

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