Denver Bee, Boulder County Beekeepers, Northern Colorado Beekeepers, and Four Corners Beekeepers thank you for hosting me at your member meetings. I enjoyed talking with your beekeepers. Your club members asked for the links to information I presented. Please share this information with your members.
1. Pesticide Research
2. Pesticide Action Network database of pesticides used in California
3. Pesticide half-lives explained
4. Estimated Annual Agricultural Pesticide Use–Pesticide Use Maps
5. Report A Bee kill
6. Purdue Extension list of bee toxic pesticides
7. The world produces enough food to feed everyone
8. See a Yard transformed into pollinator habitat
9. Native Pollinator Houses you can build or buy
10. National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators
11. State Pollinator Protection Plans
12. Colorado’s MP3
13. Field Watch / Drift Watch
14. Estimate costs to mow your lawn at
15. “Nuisance” Wasps and Bees—Colorado Extension
16. Pollinator Stewardship Council (PSC) article concerning mosquitoes and honey
17. PSC Mosquito Abatement Programs
18. The Pesticide Research Institute has this mosquito control information
19. From Beyond Pesticides
20. How to control mosquitoes without killing pollinators
21. Personal mosquito protection from the CDC
22. Natural predators of mosquitoes-
23. South Carolina Dept. of Health mosquito habitat reduction guide
24. Plants that repel mosquitoes
25. Technical assistance, funding, etc. to plant pollinator habitat and
26. Bee Forage regions and plant lists
27. Solarization

Seeds for honey bees WEST of the Mississippi
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Pollinator Stewardship Council
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