For your friends who are wishing to start beekeeping, or for those of you who have discovered that there is really a lot to learn about keeping bees alive and healthy, we have scheduled Tina Sebestyen to teach beginning beekeeping this spring. You may remember her, she spoke at our club meeting about top bar hives last spring. Tina has been keeping bees for 11 years now in top bar, langstroth, and the long hive, and has been teaching beginning beekeeping for 6 years. She’ll give you the details without the fluff, and you won’t fall asleep, she promises to keep you on your toes. There are too many topics to list them all here, but this will be what you need to know for your first and second year of beekeeping; everything from choosing race of bee and hive location, proper feeding of bees, and recognizing healthy bees or bee diseases to those things you didn’t know you would need to know like how to move a hive, stop robbing, and comb management. She is working to reserve the rec center in Windsor. The tentative dates are March 9th and 10th.


Northern Colorado

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