1 – A responsible care taker.

2- Keep my Mother at peak performance as she is my life blood.

3 – Someone who is “in tune” with the environment.

4 – Treat me with respect

5 – Who would tend to my needs all year, year after year.

6 – Who would be innovative to my good and bad times. 

7 – Would provide all my needs in times of need

8 – Able to be placed in a good food and water surroudning

9 – Understand that a “smoker” is the enemy but at times necessary.

10 – Moves around my house slowly and carefully

11 – Makes repairs of my home when in need. 

12 – Keep upgrading at will.

13 – Use the least damaging chemicals to make me well and productive.

14 – When taking my excess honey, leave me enough to survive the dearth of nectar in the winter.

15 – Provide if needed winter protection may it bee various procedures to keep me warm.

16 – Never try to guess my actions, be proactive at all times. 

17 – Someone who respected my domain.

18 – Keep my house tidy, top to bottom

19 – Remove any obstructions to my path of Nirvana

20 – Treat me well and I will reward you and your family with sweet natural honey

21 – BEE Happy because I am your future for generations to come.

22 – If all the above is followed I will reward you.

—  by Dave O. Primer – July 13, 2017


Northern Colorado

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