Thank you to:
Many volunteers who helped with the package delivery day:
Sherri Kerst, NCBA member – Lunch Run for Volunteers
Mitch Cheek, NCBA Advisor – Traffic Managment
Zack Owens, Lazy Bee Ranch – Honeybee Trailer
Kelvin Kerst, NCBA Vice President – Property Management
George Ottenhoff, NCBA Advisor – Master of Ceremony
Ken Nichols
Jen Gross
Nate Gross
Sabrina Abernathy
Mark Weiler
Tamara Yakaboski

And the volunteers helping with the nuc delivery:
Kelvin Kerst, NCBA Vice President – Master of Ceremony
Sherri Kerst
Dave Primer
Cathy Weber
Don Studinski

From our members:

Just wanted to thank you and the NCBA members who assisted with the package pick-up Saturday! Although delayed a bit, my wife Tami and I came home and put the packages in the garage until the next day. The bees seemed very eager to find their new home and I don’t remember seeing so few dead bees in the packages (less than 10 bees each),

Thanks again!

Patrick Mlller

Don and Delivery Crew,
You guys handled the kinks is in the trip.
Good job.
Delivering the bees on the coldest, wettest day in a month went well considering the adjustments you had to make.
Terry Jares
Now that my new colony is happily installed in its hive, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you and the package team volunteers for a job extremely well done. I greatly appreciated the emails with details, reminders and special topics throughout the month. Despite the weather hiccup, it seemed like distribution on Saturday went extremely well. I arrived at the start of my time slot and was the only vehicle in line. And despite the poor weather, I noticed surprising few dead bees upon installation.

Kudos to you and the team!


Linda Neveu

Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the packages. Both queens are alive and they are in their new home.


Steen Frederiksen


Northern Colorado

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