NCBA Members:

Impossible, it’s a word that means something cannot be done. When something cannot be done, this implies as well that it will not be done. Sometimes, this is hard for me to accept.

When I took the NCBA presidency, I thought I could nurture the club into a healthy, vibrant organization that contributes to the health and well being of both honeybees and their keepers. That was about 18 months ago. Sense then, I have learned that this idealized goal is, for me, impossible. Some good things have been accomplished, I’m not trying to be a martyr. The volunteers that have stepped up for NCBA in hundreds of events and ways have accomplished numerous amazing and positive results. In every newsletter since I’ve been president, there has been an abundance of members to recognize for their contributions. But, for me, the vision has not been, and now I realize will not be, accomplished within my term.

Futile, it’s a word that means an effort is incapable of producing any useful result. Continuing futile effort results in time wasted.

Wasted time has an opportunity cost. Everything that might have been accomplished with that same time is not accomplished because the time was wasted. I’m not at all interested in wasting time. What little time I have left in my life is precious to me and must be managed carefully in a way that will make me proud of myself. There is plenty useful stuff that I want to accomplish for the NCBA before my service as president ends. I’m not done. What I choose to accomplish with the remainder of my term will not be wasted time. Those tasks that I assess to be wasted time will, however, be eliminated.

I am not suggesting that creating an awesome NCBA is impossible. All this needs is the right person with the right vision and the right amount of time and energy. There are probably dozens of you capable of accomplishing this goal. The question is: will you try?

My position is term-limited by NCBA Constitution and Bylaws ending at the October meeting. I will not be running for reelection as president. However, I am motivated to make the transition to a new president smooth and efficient. I’d like to teach the new president how to operate mailchimp, how to manage the budget around package and nuc season, how to work with our sponsors and vendors, how to organize meetings and classes and more.

If you have any interest in becoming NCBA president, please make your interest known. It’s not super fun trying to come up to speed on all these things in a month. Doing so gradually would be beneficial to you, the club and to me. Let’s not put it off. We could get started now!

Think you are not qualified? Think again. None of this requires genius. It just requires time and effort. The key will be to build a team to which you can effectively delegate tasks.

I don’t check email every day. If you need to talk to me and it’s time sensitive, then please call me on the phone the old fashioned way. Let’s Talk.

Don Studinski, 303-248-6677


Northern Colorado

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