Bee season is here.  Things are really getting intense.  The phone is lighting up and the tasks can’t be finished fast enough or within the energy available.  Welcome to beekeeping in spring.

We expect the packages to arrive 4/29/2017.  I need 4 able bodied volunteers (young and energetic!) to help deliver packages to the customers as they drive through the delivery spot.  The idea is that folks don’t need to park.  Please contact me (303)248-6677 if you can help.

The nucs ETA is mid May.  We don’t have a date yet.

Stay tuned to the website to see the latest status on sales and delivery.

I’ve treated all my bees with 3 Oxalic Acid vapor treatments.  Now, I’m doing sugar roll mite counts. Some zero, some not.  Do your counts.  More and more long-time beekeepers are getting to where they don’t even want to talk about your bee problems until you can tell them your mite counts.  It feels almost like this:  IF you don’t know your mite counts, THEN your bees died of mites.  Do you want to be a responsible husband to your bees?  If yes, then please do your mite counts. See educational opportunities below.

First inspections are all done.  Bottom boards are all cleaned.  Split assessment is done and splits are starting to get planned out on the calendar. The spring harvest is nearly done (mostly from dead colonies).  Honey is in jars, but not yet labeled.

The EC has approved a $4000 annual budget for Featured Speakers. NCBA will be upping our game to provide high-quality nationally recognized speakers mixed with local speakers covering topics of value.  We need 2 more volunteers for the featured speaker committee. If you are interested and willing to participate, please contact me.

Reminder:  I am term limited ending in October.  I could be helpful bringing a new president up to speed if they engage now.  Want to run for president? Call me.

I don’t check email every day.  If you need to talk to me and it’s time sensitive, then please call me on the phone the old fashioned way.  Let’s Talk.

Don Studinski, 303-248-6677


Northern Colorado

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