Volunteer Recognition

Thank you to: Mitch Cheek, Bryan Davis, Gene Wolf, Pete Linde, Len Ewy Mitch pulled together our parking team which has done an amazing job of managing the parking during our Meetings and Classes at the Kerst facility. This has been a huge help...

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Who’s a Beekeeper?

Extracted from March Bee Culture. In 2017, 86% of beekeepers are over 45, down from 92% in 1997. 53% have a college education, up from 43% 20 years ago. 72% have 10 or less colonies. 63% are rural, 37% are urban, changing from 90% and 10%. Only...

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Honey Bee Health Coalition

From the Honey Bee Health Coalition I am not familiar with the HBHC, but I am curious about this set of videos. I have not looked at any of them.  If you choose to look at them, please let me know your assessment.  Don Studinski HBHC...

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