Volunteer Recognition

Bruce Rice, swarm coordinator. Terry Jones, John Russel, Deb Evangelista, Greg Krush dispatchers! 2017 swarm rules: You MUST be a member of NCBA to be on the NCBA swarm list. You MUST fill in the “Swarm Catchers Information Form” for...

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Russian Honey Bee Association (RHBA)

New president, Dan Conlon of South Deerfield, MA, is setting up an outreach effort to bring the Russian story to the field.  Don Studinski is thinking of bringing this program to NCBA. Dan says RHBA members are “using little or no...

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Varroa thoughts from Kim Flottum

Kim recently attended a conference about Varroa. We all need to come up to speed on this stuff. He notes some of the viruses honey bees are being challenged by: Deformed wing virus A & B, Israeli accute, sacbrood, Varroa Destructor A & B...

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2017 bee order status

The EC has voted to provide 350 packages and 55 nucs in 2017.  That is a substantial expansion over 2016 which was 270 packages and 30 nucs.  These will be sold on a first come / first served basis to members and non-members. Our...

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Treasury Summary

This is the time of year we are using our savings account as working capital to manage the cash flow for purchasing honeybee packages and nucs.  We have already sent one check to the vendor for $17,200. We are about to do a second check to...

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