December 2016, Bee Culture Magazine, page 63, duplicated here with permission.
All About Labels by Michele Colopy, Pollinator Stewardship Council
“Label directions provide valuable information. Label directions protect us, our honey bees, and our environment.  There is a direct correlation between properly following label directions and the health of our bees. The application of pesticides in and around the hive, along with other products beekeepers use to support the health of their honey bees requires vigilance.  Products can become problematic if the label directions are not followed. Synergism can be unexpected, but created when products are used in tandem, mixed together, or in-hive products are miss-applied, including use of expired products. The label will clearly state the expiration date of the product. Beekeepers have a choice of using an expired product or not; your bees are at your mercy. Beekeepers do not realize what “new product” they are creating when they combine “great grandpa’s age old fall treatment for bees” with Terramycin and another in-hive treatment. Even if “great grandpa’s age old Fall treatment for bees” is comprised of “naturally occurring” elements, it could still cause unhealthy synergism with the other products or cause those products to fail completely.”


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