2016 Packages and Nucs:
A few packages are left. Some purchases had gotten double counted by mistake. Member price for a package is $123. One nuc is left unsold. Member price is $168 / nuc. Non-members add $10 per honeybee colony. If you wish to order bees, please contact Bob directly to know the latest status. We will almost certainly be sold out before the next newsletter.
Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association
c/o Bob Boggio, NCBA Treasurer, 970-667-4472
3905 Glade Rd
Loveland, CO 80538

Package delivery is estimated to be 4/30/2016. In the beekeeping industry, there is an assumed 4% “dead on arrival” for package queens. Prairie Wind will be providing queens to cover this issue. You will have 2 days to notify us of a dead queen upon installation. If you find a dead queen in your queen cage, keep it in the cage, bring it to us and we will replace it.

Nuc delivery is estimated to be 5/21/2016. There is no expected “dead on arrival” for nuc queens. Don Studinski will personally inspect every delivered nuc to ensure the queen is alive and laying as expected. Should there be a problem, we will be in the process of fixing it before you show up to pick up your nuc.

Constitution and Bylaw changes:
The following changes will be voted on by our membership in April, 2016. You should expect other changes to be voted on as the year progresses. The EC will be working through the documents in an effort to make our club work more smoothly. Please bear with us.

Constitution Article 5 – Executive Committee

Section I: The Executive Committee (EC) is the NCBA’s primary governing body, and by simple majority vote (unless otherwise specified in the Constitution or Bylaws) has final jurisdiction over any and all activities of the Association not specifically designated to Membership. The Executive Committee of the NCBA shall consist of elected Officers and other key volunteers (such as committee chairs) serving in the best interest of the membership. Currently serving EC members may choose to elect additional members at any time. Existing members may choose to end their service at any time. The Executive Committee shall keep members informed about Association business and events using the newsletter and any other means deemed reasonable.

Bylaw Article 5 – Executive Committee – (eliminate the 120 day notice period) see above.

Section 1. eliminated

Section 2. eliminated

Section 3 will become section 1. Between meetings, any Executive Committee member may use email to bring issues to the attention of the Executive Committee. Every Executive Committee member will respond to such matters to every other Executive Committee member.

Section 4 will become section 2. Expenses in excess of $250 require EC approval in advance.

Section 5. eliminated


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