November Volunteer Recognition

Thank you to: Lindsay Cantles for doing our Quickbooks work.  This is a major assistance to our club Treasurer. We are all very grateful for your time and effort! Paul Leeper and Eric Sigler for coordinating our honey extractor/spinner loan...

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2017 Bee packages and nucs

New potential vendors are being contacted now with the idea of establishing a long term relationship. The EC has voted to provide 350 packages and 55 nucs in 2017.  That is a substantial expansion over last year which was 270 packages and 30...

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Scholarship Committee Announced

George Ottenhoff has agreed to hold the chair of our new scholarship committee. George and his team will govern the scholarship funds for beekeeping educational opportunities in our community. If you know of potential beekeepers that need a...

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Volunteer Recognition – Thank You!

Josh Vaisman and Greta Olsen have been members of NCBA for several years and they have been involved in a variety of projects.  Josh is an advisor on the NCBA’s Executive Committee.  Josh and Greta were instructors at the Beginning...

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NCBA club hive

Carl and Josie Alm of Eaton, Colorado, have contributed a hive with living bees along with some extra woodenware and some beekeeper suits and gloves.  Don picked up the equipment and brought it to our new club meeting location (above) where these...

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CSBA Winter Meeting

Colorado State Beekeepers Association (CSBA) will be holding their winter meeting November 5th, 2016 in Douglas County, Colorado. Nearly all the officer and advisor positions will be newly elected this year. If you would like to get involved in...

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Volunteer Spotlight

Thank you to: The many volunteers that helped show NCBA in a positive light at the Larimer County Fair. Thanks specifically to: – Fatima and Mark Brown – Ronda Koski – Geri and Gene Wolf – Lisa Brough – Sabin Larsen...

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Scholarship Fund established!

A NCBA member, who wishes to remain anonymous, will contribute $50 each month intended as an educational scholarship fund. This money will be tracked separately and will make our annual Beginning Beekeepers Class available to students who would...

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