• Treat for Varroa Mites:  NCBA’s August meeting was a panel discussion on the treatment methods available and the experiences of the panelists.
  • Getting Ready for Winter:  Our September meeting was another panel discussion on the things to consider as you get your hives ready for winter.  Lots of questions from members and a great turnout given the Broncos were playing that night.
  • ELECTIONS are coming!  Candidates are still needed for President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and four Advisors.  In addition volunteers are needed for Education / Outreach and other coordinator positions. 
  • The EC is looking for next year’s BEE PACKAGE COORDINATOR.  The first task of the new season is to contact potential suppliers and distributors and propose several options to the EC.  IF you are interested in managing the bee order process, starting now, for 2016, please send an email to ncbatreasurer@nocobees.org for more details.

October’s meeting will feature Dave Primer, the reigning Grand Champion for honey at the 2015 Larimer County Fair.  Do you know how to grade your honey?  Bring a small sample and we can compare it to others.

The EC is looking for candidates for ALL officer and coordinator positions.  Don’t be bashful, self nominate yourself for the position you want by sending your name, email, and phone number to ncbasecretary@nocobees.org.  Write-in nominations will close October 12th so email & write-in ballots can be created.  Floor nominations will still be available on election night, October 15th.

  • Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer and four Advisors [elected]
  • Coordinators: Outreach, Education, Volunteer, Venue,  Membership and others [appointed by the EC]
Holiday Party and craft fair, SAVE THE DATE, Thursday, December 10th, 6:30 PM, Location TBD.  Bring your family and an appetizer to share.  IF you make mead, and are willing to share, bring some samples.  Do you have hive products or other crafty items to sell, bring them as well.

Updated WEBSITE is up and running
Webmaster, Tim Hardy, has been working to create a more interactive website.   IF you have questions email webmaster@nocobees.org.

Do You SELL Honey and/or Other Hive Products?
The EC is creating a LIST of beekeepers that sell honey and hive products for distribution at the events NCBA participates in.  IF you would like to be added to the list please send an email to: ncbasecretary@nocobees.org  with the following information.

  • Your Name
  • Contact Information [website, email, phone etc.]
  • A list of what hive products you have for sale [honey, wax, propolis, pollen, candles, soap, etc.]
Notifications Required Prior to the October Meeting
The EC is required to notify membership a minimum of 120 days prior to October elections when proposed amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws will be on the ballot.
> Notice of Intent to Amend NCBA’s Constitution, Article 5, Section III, Terms of Office
  • Currently: “All Executive Committee [EC] members shall serve for terms of one year.  The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer may not serve for more than two consecutive terms.”
  • Background:  The Vice President is essentially a ‘President-in-training’ and he/she will ascend to the presidency if there are no other candidates running for President.  The NCBA has NOT had a VP to date in the 2014-2015 fiscal year, ending 9-30-15 and no volunteers have expressed interest in taking the job.
  •     The NCBA, to remain viable, must have volunteers willing to fill key management roles on the EC, but without candidates there will be no officers in subsequent years to run the association when term limits are applied.  The current revision of the Constitution does not address the issue of no willing candidates.
  • PROPOSED amendment to Article 5, Section III, Terms of Office: ADD the following paragraph
  •      “IF any officer, currently serving, becomes term limited and ineligible for the next election AND IF there are no candidates willing to stand for election as President, Vice President, Secretary and/or Treasurer AND IF those currently serving are willing to continue in their present position, the term limit restriction shall be waived for ONE additional year and those term limited officers shall stand for election as if the term limits did not exist.  This process may be repeated, as necessary, when there are no candidates willing to serve as officers of the NCBA.”
> Notice of Intent to Increase the Annual Dues of the NCBA, Bylaws, Article 2 – Membership, Section II, Dues
  • Currently: Membership dues are payable annually and are currently set at $13.  In addition, Section IV, Affiliated Organizations:  NCBA previously approved full affiliation of NCBA with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association [CSBA], which resulted in an assessment of $7 per primary member per year.  Total annual dues are $20 per year, due March 1st.
  • NCBA Dues Background:  NCBA relies on membership dues to fund a portion of the expenses associated with our participation in community education and outreach events [our mission] and purchase supplies to support these activities.
  • PROPOSED amendment to the Bylaws, Article 2 – Membership, Section II, Dues by changing the first sentence to read “Membership dues are payable annually and is set at $18, effective March 1, 2016.”
  • Note: The assessment for affiliation with CSBA remains $7 per year, total membership dues for 2016 would be $25.
> Notice of Intent to Amend Bylaws, Article 3 – Officers, Section II, Education and Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator AND Section III, Duties, Paragraphs E and F.
  • Background:  The amount of work required to accomplish the goals and tasks associated with these positions is greater than most volunteer’s available time.
  • PROPOSED Amendment to Bylaws, Article 3 – Officers, Section II, Education and Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator AND Section III, Duties, Paragraphs E and F by separating Education and Outreach into TWO separate Coordinator Positions as described below
                  The Education Coordinator is responsible for all of the listed duties in Paragraph E that relate to PRESENTATIONS and other interactions with schools, service groups, homeowners associations, non-profit and for profit organizations etc. in Northern Colorado
The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for all of the listed duties in Paragraph E that relate to NCBA’s participation in major events in Colorado, including, but not limited to the Larimer County Fair, Colorado State Fair, Sustainable Living Fair, regional festivals and garden center events.
Both the Education and Outreach Coordinator are encouraged to recruit any number of assistant coordinators to help distribute the workload.
The Volunteer Coordinator, Paragraph F. is encouraged to recruit any number of assistant volunteer coordinators to distribute the workload associated with the listed duties.
                                            END of BALLOT ISSUES
Upcoming Education / Outreach Events
  • Our Education / Outreach activities are over for 2015.  THANK YOU to all who volunteered their time and energy to promote beekeeping

State and Regional Meetings of Interest to Beekeepers

  • None at this time


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