NCBA thanks these Volunteers who helped out during Pollinator Week at various nurseries around town:

John Transue
Todd and Staci Wynn
Bruce Metzger and Stacey Cochran
Rhonda Koski
Linda Vap and Nani Martin
Chad Street
Beth Conrey who coordinated the event.
Thank you all very much!!

The Larimer County Fair is coming up on Friday to Tuesday,  August 2-6th.  If you could give some time to man our outreach booth, especially on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, email Merry at  We will need people for 3 hour blocks of time.  I will be making a schedule which will be at the next meeting so you will have a chance then to sign up.

Willing to part with some old copies of ABJ or Bee Culture?   We would like them for future use at outreach events.  Please bring them to any meeting or event where our outreach booth is set up.

Our Annual Honey Party & Harvest Celebration is right around the corner, Thursday September 19th.  Email Merry if you want to contribute to this special event –


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