Due to an inadvertent error when consolidating member woodenware orders, we received a substantial amount of crimp wire foundation and other items not ordered by anyone.  If you need – or will need – any of these items, you’d be helping your Association out by buying them from us now, first come first served.  Email woodenware@nocobees.org to stake your claim.  These prices are cost +5% shipping – as an added incentive, when you buy more than $100 worth of items, we’ll deduct the shipping 5% from your final cost!

Mike Meyer, one of NCBA’s Advisors, has agreed to store and help distribute the extra woodenware.  He lives between Loveland and Fort Collins just east of HW287, and just south of Carpenter Rd / HW392.  Click here for a map.  From HW287, turn east at Manor Ridge / Midland St (the first turn north of Resthaven Cemetary; Take the first right turn onto Turman Dr.; Take the second right turn onto Blue Moon Ct, address is 8181.

We’ll update what’s still available on the website periodically; email Mike at woodenware@nocobees.org to ask to reserve items.

Item Description Remaining Inventory  Price (ea) Including Shipping 5%
F1610 5 5/8 (med)Duragilt Foundation (single sheets) 0 1.02
F1950 8 1/2 (lg) Duragilt Foundation (50 sheets) 2 65.26
F3650 5 5/8 (med) Crimp-Wired Foundation (50 sheets) 1 32.55
F3610 5 5/8 (med) Crimp-Wired Foundation (10 sheets) 41 7.51
F3950 8 1/2 (lg) Crimp-Wired Foundation (50 sheets) 23 51.77
8 1/2 (lg) Crimp-Wired Foundation (50 NO Hook) 2 51.77
M01453 Wooden Hive Top Feeder w/floats (8 frame) 0 25.15
M01454 Wooden Hive Top Feeder w/floats  (10 frame) 0 22.00
WB1101 Queen Excluder (wood bound 10 frame) 28 11.54
WB819 Support Pins (200) 0 13.13
WV1220XXXL Veil Jacket/Hat Combo (XXXL) 0 56.65
WW512 Shallow Super 0 6.72
WW612 Medium Super 0 6.93
WW912 Large Super / Hive Body 0 9.87
WB851 Entrance reducer 0 1.00
Entrance Reducer, 8-frame 0 1.00
WB806 Bee Escape, oval for inner cover 0 2.73


Northern Colorado

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